CIS 110 {{FULL_TERM}}: Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming is the first course in our series introducing students to computer science. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of computer programming in Java, with emphasis on applications in science and engineering. You will also learn about the broader field of computer science and algorithmic thinking, the fundamental approach that computer scientists take to solving problems.

The website for Spring 2014 be found here: Fall 2013

The website for Summer 2014 be found here: Summer 2014


CIS 120 Enrollment Update: CIS 120 is currently full for Spring 2015 and a waitlist has been created. Please see the CIS 120 web site for the waitlist link and any status updates. If you tried to sign up for CIS 120 during pre-registration but didn't get in, you have already been added to the waitlist. Office Hours in Ware College: Starting tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 13), TA office hours will be held in both Moore 100B and Ware College! This gives you more physical space and a second location that will be more convenient for many of you. The TAs will be split between the two locations—we do not currently have the resources to increase the total number of TAs on staff.

We will be using McClelland 136, on the ground floor opposite the elevator. If you come in through the cafeteria, just head straight through to the back.

Ware office hours will be Monday–Wednesday 2pm-9pm and Thursday 12pm-9pm. Look for signs leading you from the Quad entrance at 37th and Spruce to the new office hour location. Note that, for the time being, you must have your own laptop in Ware OH. We are working on getting a few desktop computers set up there; in the meantime, if you need to use a desktop, you should go to Moore 100B.

Each office hour location will have its own set of queues in the office hours sign-in system. Make sure you sign into a queue for your location when you have a question!
Clicker Participation: Because it was not possible for you to view your clicker participation until this weekend, we will only count your participation from tomorrow (Monday, Oct. 13) on for you course grade. If your clicker has not been getting recorded, you should come to instructor office hours so we can check what is going on.

Remember that the CIS 110 clicker policy, including how we handle excused absences and lost clickers, is posted on the policies page.
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