CIS 110 {{FULL_TERM}} - Recitation Assignment and Change Requests

CIS 110 uses its own system for assigning recitations that is independent of PennInTouch. Our system allows us to make you get assigned a recitation you can attend, even if the course is full, and also to balance the number of students in each recitation so none is too large or too small.

Please read the following information carefully; it covers many common questions about the CIS 110 recitation assignment system. When you are done, click the link at the bottom to access the system.

[17 Sep] The final round of recitation change requests will be processed this weekend. If you would like to change recitations, fill out the change form by Friday, 20 Sep, 9:00pm. Note that, if you mark your current recitation as "can attend," you will not be switched to a different recitation that is also marked "can attend." You may be switched to a recitation that you "would like" if there is space in one of them. This will allow you to request a more convenient recitation without running the risk of getting switched to a less convenient one.

Late Penalty:

Tips and Notes:

Accessing the Recitation Assignment System: