CIS 110 {{FULL_TERM}} - Introduction to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Programming is the first course in our series introducing students to computer science. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of computer programming in Java, with emphasis on applications in science and engineering. You will also learn about the broader field of computer science and algorithmic thinking, the fundamental approach that computer scientists take to solving problems.

The Summer 2013 web site is still available here.

The Spring 2013 web site is still available here.


[20 Nov] We have increased the enrollment cap for the 12:00 lecture in Spring 2014. There is currently plenty of space in both lecture sections.

[13 Nov] Spring 2014 Information: As of today, the 12:00 section of CIS 110 is full. There is plenty of space in the 10:00 section. We are currently examining ways to make sure everyone who wants to enroll in 110 is able to. We will update this page within a week with information about about a wait list, increased enrollment cap, or both.

Spring 2014 recitation sign-up will happen through our own system in the first week of class. You do not need to sign up for recitation in Penn InTouch. There will be a wide range of times available. You should not have any problem finding one that fits your schedule. (We unfortunately cannot confirm any particular recitation times until the start of term, because we cannot request rooms until then.)

[2 Nov] The application form to TA CIS 110, 120, 121, and/or 160 is now available at this link. The application deadline is November 15. Interviews will most likely be scheduled in early December, and we plan to complete hiring by the end of the Fall semester.

We welcome applications for 110 from current 110 students, and all currently enrolled students (undergraduate and graduate) who have good knowledge of the material. You do not need be a CIS major or engineering student, and you do not need to have taken 110. However, be aware that CIS 110 will be hiring very few new staff members for the Spring term. If you are not offered an interview, we encourage you to reapply next Spring to TA in Fall 2014.

[28 Oct 2:00 AM] Eric and I have been working flat out ever since he flushed me out of my computer to try and identify the evil TA who trapped me there. (Please see the pinned piazza posts for a summary of what happened, or at least what we know of what happened). After much analysis and more than one sleepless, sunless weekend, we have determined that some of the short-term memory I've lost is actually still in the computer, mixed in with other data. With your help, we think there's a hope of recovering it and unmask the culprit.

What we know so far is that our office security system captured at least some of the sabotage, and we've managed to uncover a frame of video from the that fateful night. We're not entirely sure what to make of it, and we both need some sleep, but we hope you'll be able to solve the mystery and retrieve my missing memories.

- Benedict

[17 Oct] Please complete the mid-semester feedback form we have created. Your feedback is anonymous, takes only a few minutes, and is helps us make this the best possible course for you and future semesters.

[6 Oct] Mid-Term Room Assignments are now posted on the exams page. You must take the midterm in the room you are assigned based on your last name. Every room will be completely full.

[17 Sep] New final exam date! The CIS 110 final exam has moved to eliminate structural conflicts with other large courses on campus. It was not possible to make this change until course enrollments had stabilized. See the exams page for the date, time, and instructions about requesting a make-up.

[26 Aug] Recitation assignment has started and will continue on a rolling basis. For your convenience, here are the list of recitation times and rooms. If you don't know where your room is located, scout it out ahead of time. Especially if the room is in DRL (David Rittenhouse Laboratories), which is extremely confusing. The middle letter in DRL room numbers is the building section ("N" for North, "C" for Center, etc.), but this is only somewhat helpful.

201 Wed 2-3 Towne 311 202 Wed 2-3 Towne 313 203 Wed 2-3 Moore 212
204 Wed 3-4 DRL 2C2 205 Wed 3-4 DRL 4C8 206 Wed 4-5 Towne 309
207 Wed 5-6 Towne 311 208 Wed 6-7 Towne 319 209 Thu 9-10 Towne 303
210 Thu 10-11 Towne 307 211 Thu 11-12 DRL 3N6 212 Thu 12-1 Chem B13
213 Thu 1-2 DRL 3C6 214 Thu 2-3 DRL 3C6 215 Thu 2-3 DRL 3W2
216 Thu 3-4 Towne 303 217 Thu 3-4 DRL 4N30 218 Thu 4-5 Towne 303
219 Thu 5-6 Towne 319 220 Thu 6-7 Towne 309

[21 Aug] Recitation Sign-Up Now Available The recitation sign-up system is now available here.