CIS 110 Fall 2012 - Introduction to Computer Programming

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CIS 110 - Introduction to Computer Programming (Fall 2012)

Introduction to Computer Programming is the first course in our series introducing students to computer science. In this class you will learn the fundamentals of computer programming in Java, with emphasis on applications in science and engineering. You will also learn about the broader field of computer science and algorithmic thinking, the fundamental approach that computer scientists take to solving problems.

The Summer 2012 web site is still available here.


  • [2 Nov] Interested in TAing CIS 110 next Spring? We are now accepting applications for TAs for CIS 110/120/121 and Mentors for 110. You can apply for any or all of these positions in the same application. TAs (co-)teach a weekly recitation, grade assignments, and hold office hours in the computer labs. Mentors primarily hold office hours. We will begin reviewing applications after Thanksgiving, and plan on completing hiring by Winter break. Applications received after Nov. 26th will be considered if we still have openings. We welcome applications from all schools and all years. The only requirements are a love of teaching, a good command of the subject matter, and the ability to commit to approximately 10 hours per week of work. You do not have to have taken CIS 110 in order to TA it.