CIS 573 Fall 2012

Midterm Exam Study Guide

This document lists the important questions that you should be able to answer about the assigned readings, as well as some other questions brought up in lecture.

Note that there is no implication to be made here regarding the types of questions you will see on the exam, or the level of difficulty.

Part 1: Intro to Software Testing

B. Kitchenham and S.L. Pfleeger, "Software quality: the elusive target" P. Ammann and J. Offutt, Introduction to Software Testing, chapter 1 P.C. Jorgensen, Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach, chapters 5 and 6 (available in Blackboard) Other topics covered in lecture

Part 2: Testing Strategies and Adequacy

L.A. Clarke, "A System to Generate Test Data and Symbolically Execute Programs " J.H. Andrews et al., "Is mutation an appropriate tool for testing experiments?" Other topics covered in lecture

Part 3: Other Testing Approaches

L.A. Clarke and D.S. Rosenblum, "A historical perspective on runtime assertion checking in software development" C. Murphy and G. Kaiser, "Empirical Evaluation of Approaches to Testing Applications without Test Oracles" D. Beyer et al., "The software model checker BLAST" Other topics covered in lecture

Part 4: Debugging and Regression Testing

K. Gallagher and D. Binkley, "Program slicing" J.A. Jones, M.J. Harrold, J. Stasko, "Visualization of test information to assist fault localization" M.J. Harrold et al., "Regression test selection for Java software" S. Elbaum, A.G. Malishevsky, and G. Rothermel, "Prioritizing test cases for regression testing" Other topics covered in lecture

Part 5: Reliability and Fault Tolerance

M.R. Lyu, Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering, chapter 1 Z. Xie, H. Sun, and K. Saluja, "A survey of software fault tolerance techniques" Lecture Notes

Part 6: Performance and Efficiency

Lecture Notes

Part 7: Security

H.H. Thompson, "Why security testing is hard" D.J. Bernstein, "Some thoughts on security after ten years of qmail 1.0" Lecture Slides

Part 8: Usability

J. Noyes, "The Human Factors Toolkit" (available in Blackboard) J. Rubin and D. Chisnell, Handbook of Usability Testing, chapter 3 (available in Blackboard) Lecture Slides

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