CIS 542 - Spring 2012

Simple Arduino Project Description


System architecture
The system shall consist of three major components, described as follows: Note that because of firewall restrictions on the SEAS network, if you are running your middleware component on a Linux machine in the lab, you must use port 3001 for your server, and it can only be accessed by devices on the SEASnet network. Please be sure to discuss this with a member of the teaching staff if you are unsure.


Functional requirements
Your system must fulfill all of the following requirements:


Additional features
In addition to the functional requirements listed above, your group must come up with two other (non-trivial) features to include in your system. One feature must involve sending a control message from the user interface to the sensor; the other feature must involve the processing and/or display of the data that is sent from the sensor to the user interface. Please discuss your additional features with the instructor before proceeding.


Non-functional requirements
In addition to satisfying all of the above requirements, your system should also meet these criteria:

You may assume that all components are "dedicated" to each other, e.g. that your middleware component will never need to serve a different user interface, and that your user interface will never need to connect to a different server.