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I am a PhD student in computer science at the University of Pennsylvania since Fall 2016. My advisor is Rajeev Alur. View my CV online or as a pdf.

I graduated from Brown University in May 2016 (ScB Mathematics – Computer Science).


My research interests include: (1) programming languages and systems for data stream processing; (2) formal verification and testing; and (3) logical foundations of computing.

I am affiliated with the Penn PL Club:

Penn PL Club.

Current research: Correctness and performance guarantees for stream processing systems

Numerous specialized software platforms now exist for processing large quantities of data and responding in real time. Such stream processing systems are popular because they allow the programmer to specify the computation in an intuitive way (e.g., as a high-level query, as a sequence of stream transformations, or as a dataflow graph), and the system will deploy and distribute the computation automatically. Popular modern stream processing systems include Apache Spark Streaming and Apache Flink.

My long-term goal is to make stream processing systems easier to use by providing better guarantees to the developer about correctness and performance. I have past and ongoing projects in these dimensions:


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*equal contribution authors in alphabetical order


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