LICS'95 2nd Call for Participation

[Since it is relevant and SHORT, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

		     Tenth Annual IEEE Symposium on
			Logic in Computer Science

			    June 26-29, 1995
			  San Diego, California

The conference program and registration forms (*) can be obtained by
visiting the LICS'95 home page at http://math.ucsd.edu/lics95/, or by
anonymous ftp from research.att.com, directory /dist/lics.

	      *** Preregistration deadline is May 26 ***

For early registration, payment must be received by May 26, 1995.  The
deadline for reserving on-campus housing is also May 26; reservations
received later than this are subject to availability.


(*) Although it is not mentioned on the registration form, vegetarian
and kosher banquet meals are available if requested at the time the
reservation is made.