announcement: consistence of Map Theory

    	A simple semantic consistency proof for Map Theory based on
                   $\xi$-denotational semantics

                     Ch. Berline and K. Grue

Map theory, which is a foundation of mathematics based on
lambda-calculus instead of logic and sets, has been introduced in 
[Grue, TCS 102(1), 1992].

Map theory is an equational theory which embodies predicate calculus;
from the metamathematical point of view its strength lies somewhere
between ZFC and ZFC+SI , where SI asserts the existence of an
inaccessible cardinal.

The first result is proved in [G] by means of a syntactical
translation of ZFC (including classical predicate calculus) within map
theory, and the second by building a model of map theory within
ZFC+SI.  This latter construction is however highly technical, though
the starting intuitions are quite natural.

We present here a semantic proof of the consistency of map theory within
 ZFC+SI , which is in the spirit of denotational semantics and relies
on mathematical tools which reflect faithfully, and in a transparent
way, the intuitions behind map theory.

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