workshop announcement

 		    Preliminary Announcement of the
 		           May 24-27, 1995
       Organizers: K.H. Hofmann, M. Huth, A. Jung, and K. Keimel
                        Fachbereich Mathematik
 		   Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
 		      64289 Darmstadt, Germany
 	       E-mail: ldpl95@mathematik.th-darmstadt.de
 The Workshop on Logic, Domains, and Programming Languages is aimed at
 computer scientists and mathematicians alike, who share an active
 interest in the mathematical foundations of computer science. The
 scope of the workshop encompasses all aspects of Programming Language
 Semantics ranging from purely theoretical topics to concrete
 applications and implementations of semantic methods. Possible
 workshop topics are, for example, Lambda Calculi and Functional
 Programming, Domain Theory, Denotational and Algebraic Semantics, Type
 Theories, Linear Logic, Process Algebras, and Concurrency.
 We are pleased to announce that the University of Darmstadt will award
 Dana Scott an honorary degree on Wednesday, May 24. Workshop participants 
 are most welcome to attend this event which will be held in the
 afternoon; a reception on that evening is planned as well. A
 subsequent announcement will contain more detailed information. 
 The actual workshop will take place at facilities of the Technische
 Hochschule Darmstadt in the center of Darmstadt, Germany. Registration
 will be on Wednesday, May 24, in the afternoon. Talks will begin the
 next morning.
 Invited speakers are:
 Samson ABRAMSKY, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom.
 Olivier DANVY, Aarhus University, Denmark.
 Peter O'HEARN, Syracuse University, Syracruse, N.Y., USA.
 Frank PFENNING, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.
 Gordon D. PLOTKIN, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
 Helmut SCHWICHTENBERG, Universit"at M"unchen, Germany.
 Dana S. SCOTT, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA.
 Bent THOMSEN, European Computer-Industry Research Center, M"unchen, Germany. 
 Additionally, we have 25-40 slots for presentations of ongoing work
 which will be confined to 25 minutes. If you are interested in signing
 up for a slot, please send a title and an abstract of your intended
 presentation to ldpl95@mathematik.th-darmstadt.de by JANUARY 15,
 We plan to group talks with similar topics into the same
 sessions. Slots will be filled on a ``first come, first served''
 basis. Each request will be answered by FEBRUARY 15, 1995, the
 latest. We are currently investigating the possibility of publishing
 workshop proceedings.
 Darmstadt is only about 20km south of Frankfurt International Airport;
 the HEAG AIRLINER is a shuttle service operating between this airport
 and the center of Darmstadt. Darmstadt has a major railway station
 with frequent connections to all of Europe.
 There will be no workshop fee; participants will only be asked for a
 contribution to cover expenses for coffee breaks, reception, etc.
 You are cordially invited to pre-register for this workshop. In that
 case, or if you need further information, please send all
 correspondence to the postal address or the e-mail address
 below. Having pre-registered, you will receive an accommodation form
 by regular mail. Workshop participants will stay in hotels in
 Darmstadt. Please complete this form and return it right away; hotels
 in Darmstadt are often heavily booked during conventions held in
 nearby Frankfurt.
 We prefer if you send the registration form below by electronic mail
 to ldpl95@mathematik.th-darmstadt.de. If you want or need to send it
 by postal mail, the address is
 Dr. Michael Huth
 Workshop on Logic, Domains,
 and Programming Languages, AG 1
 Fachbereich Mathematik
 Technische Hochschule Darmstadt
 64289 Darmstadt, Germany
 Postal address:
 Electronic Mail:
 Phone number:
 Fax number:
 Do you want to give a talk?    ____
 If `YES':
 		Abstract:  please attach your abstract here
 		--------   (preferably a LATEX file).