Programs for Proof-nets

The following programs:

 mll.c      a program for testing whether a
            proof-structure in multiplicative
            fragment of linear logic is logically sound, i.e.
            is a proof-net

fmll.c     a program for testing whether a  proof
           structure with units (1s and \bots) is
           logically sound, i.e. represent (at least)
           one proof of sequent calculus

are now available by ftp.

Both programs are   highly portable,
they are written in ANSI C, and can be compiled
in ANY computer where ANY C compiler is installed.
Please read the file mll.fmll.read.me  first.

FTP instructions:

    ftp gloxinia.cs.cuhk.hk
    login: lphuang
    password: hlplhy
    cd itnt
    get mll.c
    get fmll.c
    get  mll.fmll.read.me

If you are interested in the theoretical topics behind the programs,
please find following files in the same directory

 appen. dvi


Lin Peng Huang Ph.D.
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Shanghai 200030, P.R.China