BRICS positions

			Postdoctoral positions at BRICS

There are to be several postdoctoral positions at BRICS for a period
of one to two years starting in 1995.  Applications by researchers are
welcome in the areas of logic, semantics and algorithmics.
Applications for positions should preferably be sent by e-mail and
include curriculum vitae and two or three names of referees for
recommendations as well as the referees' regular mail addresses and,
if possible, e-mail addresses.

BRICS, a Centre for Basic Research in Computer Science, is funded by
the Danish National Research Foundation for the period 1994-1999.  Its
aim is to establish in Denmark important areas of basic research in
the mathematical foundations of Computer Science, notably Algorithmics
and Mathematical Logic.  The Centre is to develop these areas as a
joint effort between the theoretical-computer-science groups at Aarhus
University and Aalborg University.  The research plan is based on a
committment to develop Algorithmics and Logic integrated with existing
strong activities in Semantics of Computation, using a combination of
long-term efforts and a number of short-term, intensive programmes,
within carefully chosen scientific themes.  Organizationally, BRICS is
an autonomous centre with its own management, and yet with its
activities strongly integrated in the existing infrastructure and
student environments at the two universities.

The scientific planning is the responsibility of the following committee:

Glynn Winskel, Professor (Aarhus), Director
Mogens Nielsen, Associate Professor (Aarhus), Codirector
Erik Meineche Schmidt, Associate Professor (Aarhus), Codirector
Uffe Engberg, (Aarhus), Project Manager
Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Professor (Aalborg)
Peter D.Mosses, Associate Professor (Aarhus)
Michael Schwartzbach, Associate Professor (Aarhus) 
Arne Skou, Associate Professor (Aalborg) 
Sven Skyum, Associate Professor, Reader (Aarhus) 

Further information on BRICS can be accessed through World Wide Web
(WWW) and anonymous FTP. To connect to the BRICS WWW entry, open the


The BRICS WWW entry contains updated information about activities,
courses and researchers as well as access to electronic copies of
information material and reports of the BRICS Series (look under

To access the information via anonymous FTP do the following:

	ftp ftp.daimi.aau.dk
	cd pub/BRICS


	Department of Computer Science
	University of Aarhus
	Ny Munkegade, building 540
	DK - 8000 Aarhus C

	Telephone:	+45 8942 3360
	Telefax:	+45 8942 3255
	Internet:	BRICS@daimi.aau.dk