ILPS '94 : Program and Registration Information.

[Since it is somewhat relevant, I am distributing this conference
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ILPS'94 Program and Registration Information
November 13 - 17, 1994, Ithaca, NY

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Welcome to the Symposium

        The International Logic Programming Symposium, ILPS 94, will take
place in Ithaca, NY on November 14-17, 1994. The symposium, one of two
major conferences sponsored annually by Association for Logic Programming,
will be accompanied by a series of workshops, in effect mini-conferences,
to be held on November 17 and 18.
        Ithaca, NY is a small city, the home of Cornell University, a
leading research center in many branches of science, engineering, and the
        It is especially appropriate that ILPS'94 meets in Ithaca, since
Cornell University has a long tradition in both its Computer Science and
its Mathematics Departments of studies in logic and its manifold
applications to computer science. The local host is the Cornell
Mathematical Sciences Institute, an Army Research Office Center of
Excellence, which itself has a strong research program in the mathematics
and logic of computer science.  The Computer Science Department and the
Mathematical Sciences Institutes are cosponsors of ILPS 94. Additional
support comes from ORA corporation of Ithaca, whose business is development
and application of logical methods to software engineering.
        The scientific program of the symposium was selected by an
International Program Committee chaired by Maurice Bruynooghe. The
proceedings will be published in the MIT Press Logic Programming series.  A
new feature of this year's Symposium will be a PROLOG competition, to be
held on the first day of the Symposium. Logic Programming conferences have
always blended practitioners and theoreticians. We hope that this
competition will strengthen this blending. The Cornell Campus is famous for
the beauty of its campus and its gorges, with many beautiful walks for a
dark November day. It is also the home of the Johnson Museum of Art. There
will be a classical concert Tuesday, and classical musical accompaniment at
the conference banquet.
        The Symposium is another milestone in the evolution of Logic
Programming, a unique blend of logic and computer science. A mature science
can only be built on the solid foundations provided by the research
contributions encouraged by conferences such as this.

        V.W. Marek and A. Nerode

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Sunday, November 13
        17:00 to 20:00  Registration            Conference Level Foyer
        20:00 to 21:30  Reception (Wine & Cheese)       TBA

Monday, November 14
        8:00 to 17:00   Registration            Conference Level Foyer
        8:00 to 9:00    Continental Breakfast       Grand Ball Room - South
        9:00 to 9:10    Welcome  Robert L. Constable and Anil Nerode
        9:10 to 10:00   Invited Speaker  "Logic and the Rational Reconstruct=
                        of Programming", Maarten H. Van Emden
                        Grand Ball Room - South

        10:00 to 10:30  Break                   Conference Level Foyer

        10:30 to 12:00  Track A Semantics I  Danby Room
                        "Signed Logic Programs," Hudson Turner
                        "A Syntactic Stratification Condition Using
                        Constraints," Kenneth A. Ross
                        "Characterization of Some Semantics
                        for Logic Programs with Negation and Applications to
                        Program Validation," Bernard Malfon

                        Track B Constraints I  Dryden Room
                        "Towards Practical Interval Constraint Solving in
                        Logic Programming," C.K. Chiu, J.H.M. Lee
                        "CLP (Intervals) Revisited," F. Benhamou, D. McAlles=
                        P. Van Hentenryck
                        "Redundancy, Variable Elimination and Linear
                        Disequations," Jean-Louis J. Imbert

        12:00 to 13:30  Lunch

        13:00 to 16:00  Prolog Programming Contest

        13:30 to 16:00  Poster Session  Newfield Room

        16:30 to 18:00  Track A Program Analysis I  Danby Room
                        "Improving Abstract Interpretations by Systematic
                        Lifting to the Powerset," Gilberto File, Francesco
                        "An Abstract Interpretation Framework which Accurate=
                        Handles Prolog Search-Rule and the Cut"  Baudouin Le
                        Charlier, Sabina Rossi, Pascal Van Hentenryck
                        "An Algebraic Theory of Observables," Marco Comini,

                        Giorgio Levi

                        Track B Deductive Databases
                                                        Dryden Room
                        "Datalog with Integer Periodicity Constraints," Davi=
                        Toman, Jan Chomicki, David S. Rogers
                        "Efficient Incremental Evaluation of Queries with
                        Aggregation," Raghu Ramakrishnan, Kenneth A. Ross,
                        Divesh Srivastava, S. Sudarshan
                        "Analysis of SLG-WAM Evaluation of Definite Programs=
                        Terrance Swift, David S. Warren

Tuesday, November 15
        8:00 to 9:00    Continental Breakfast   Grand Ball Room South

        9:00 to 10:00   Invited Speaker  "Using Constraint Logic Programming
                        in Services: A Few Short Tales," Yannick Cras
                        Grand Ball Room South

        10:00 to 10:30  Break

        10:30 to 12:00  Track A Semantics II  Danby Room
                        "Tractable Argumentation Semantics via Iterative
                        Belief Revision," Jia-Huai You, Robert Cartwright
                        "Probabilistic Deductive Databases," Laks V.S.
                        Lakshmanan, Fereidoon Sadri
                        "Combinatory Logic Programming: Computing in Relatio=
                        Calculi,"  Paul Broome, Jim Lipton

                        Track B Parallelism  Dryden Room
                        "Strategies for Scheduling  And- and Or-Parallel Wor=
                        in Parallel Logic Programming Systems," In=EAs de Ca=
                        "A Simple Program Transformation for Parallelism,"
                        Saumya Debray, Mudita Jain
                        "Effectiveness of Global Analysis in Strict
                        Independence-Based Automatic Parallelization,"
                        F. Bueno, M. Garc=EDa de la Banda, M. Hermenegildo
        12:00 to 14:00  Lunch

        14:00 to 15:00  Track A Constraints II  Danby Room
                        "Conjunto: Constraint Logic Programming with Finite
                        Set Domains,"  Carmen Gervet
                        "The Beauty and the Beast Algorithm: Quasi-Linear
                        Incremental Tests of Entailment and Disentailment
                        over Trees," Andreas Podelski, Peter Van Roy

                        Track B Program Analysis  II
                                                Dryden Room
                        "Abductive Analysis of Modular Logic Programs,"
                        Roberto Giacobazzi
                        "Localizations of Unification Freedom through
                        Matching Directions," Massimo Marchiori

        15:30           Visit Cornell Campus and Johnson Art Museum,
                        Collegetown, Ithaca

        20:15           Piano concert at Barnes Hall by Xak Bjerken

Wednesday, November 16
        8:00 to 9:00    Continental Breakfast  Grand Ball Room South

        9:00 to 10:00   Invited Speaker  "Abstract Interpretation and
                        Partial Evaluation in the Worlds of Functional
                        and Logic Programming," Neil D. Jones
                                                Grand Ball Room South

        10:00 to 10:30  Break

        10:30 to 12:00  Track A Inference Methods  Danby Room
                        "Intuitionistic Implication and Resolution,"
                        Alain Hui-Bon-Hoa
                        "SLX - A Top-down Derivation Procedure for Programs
                        with Explicit Negation," Jos=E9 J=FAlio Alferes, Car=
                        Viegas Dam=E1sio, Lu=EDs Moniz Pereira
                        "LR Inference: Inference Systems for Fixed-Mode Logi=
                        Programs, Based on LR Parsing," David A. Rosenblueth=
                        Julio C. Peralta

                        Track B Program Analysis II
                                                Dryden Room
                        "Cardinality Analysis of Prolog," C. Braem, B. Le
                        Charlier, S. Modart, P. Van Hentenryck
                        "Mutally Exclusive Rules in Logic Programming,"
                        Kjell Post
                        "Detection and Optimization of Suspension-free Logic
                        Programs," Saumya Debray, David Gudeman, Peter Bigot

        12:00 to 14:00  Lunch

        14:00 to 15:00  Invited Speaker "Complexity and Expressive Power of
                        Disjunctive Logic Programming," Georg Gottlob
                                                   Grand Ball Room South

        15:00 to 15:30  Break

        15:30 to 16:30  Track A Concurrent Constraint Programming  Danby Roo=
                        "Encapsulated Search for Higher-order Concurrent
                        Constraint Programming," Christian Schulte,
                        Gert Smolka
                        "AKL(FD) - A Concurrent Language for FD Programming,=
                        Bj=F6rn Carlson, Seif Haridi, Sverker Janson

                        Track B Artificial Intelligence
                                                Dryden Room
                        "The Situation Calculus and  Event Calculus Compared=
                        Robert Kowalski, Fariba Sadri
                        "SLD - Resolution with Reflection," Jonas Barklund,
                        Pierangelo Dell'Acqua, Stefania Costantini,
                        Gaetano A. Lanzarone

        16:30 to 17:00  Break

        17:00 to 18:00  ALP Business Meeting
                                                Grand Ball Room South

        19:00           Banquet         Grand Ball Room
                        Guest Speaker  Juris Hartmanis

Thursday, November 17
        8:00 to 9:00    Continental Breakfast   Grand Ball Room South

        9:00 to 10:00   Invited Speaker "Combining Functional and Logic
                        Programming," John W. Lloyd    Grand Ball Room South

        10:00 to 10:30  Break

        10:30 to 12:00  Track A Analysis of Constraint Logic Programs
                                                           Newfield Room
                        "Approximating Interaction between Linear Arithmetic
                        Constraints," Kimbal Marriott, Peter J. Stuckey
                        "Optimizing Compilation of Linear Arithmetic in
                        a Class of Constraint Logic Programs," Spiro Michayl=
                        Bill Pippin

                        Track B Implementation          Dryden Room
                        "A Continuation-passing Style for Prolog,"
                        Thomas Lindgren
                        "A Portable Method of Integrating SLG Resolution int=
                        Prolog Systems," R. Ramesh, Weidong Chen
                        "An Abstract Machine for SLG Resolution: Definite
                        Programs," Terrance Swift, David S. Warren

        12:30 to 14:00  Lunch

        14:00 to 20:00  Post Conference Workshops

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Thursday, November 17
        14:00 to 20:00  Workshop 1: "Uncertainty in Databases and Deductive
                        Systems," Organizers: Giawei Han,
                        Laks V.S. Lakshmanan, Raymond Ng, Fereidoon Sadi

                        Workshop 2: "Constraints and Databases," Organizers:
                        Peter Revesz, Divesh Srivastava, Peter J. Stuckey,
                        S. Sudarshan

=46riday, November 18

        9:00 to 18:00   Workshop 3: "Constraint Languages/Systems and Proble=
                        Modelling," Organizers: Jean Jourdan, Pierre Lim,
                        Roland Yap

                        Workshop 4: "Implementation Techniques for Logic
                        Programming Languages," Organizers: Koen De Bosscher=
                        Bart Demoen, Pal Tarau

                        Workshop 5: "Design and Implementation of Parallel
                        Logic Programming Systems," Organizers: Gopal Gupta,
                        Enrico Pontelli

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Declarative Error Diagnosis as Consistency-Based Diagnosis"
 Gregory W. Bond,  Bernie Pagurek

"Avoiding Dynamic Type Checking in a Polymorphic Logic Programming Language"
 Pascal Brisset

"Modal Event Calculus"
 Iliano Cervesato, Luca Chittaro, Angelo Montanari

"Parsing with PTN"
 Andrew Davison, Elizabeth Haywood

"On Stable Behaviour of Dynamic Deductive Data Bases"
 Michael I. Dekhtyar, Alexander Ja. Dikovsky

"Data Alignment and Task Scheduling On Parallel Machines Using
Concurrent Constraint Model-based Programming"
Jean Jourdan, Fran=E7ois Fages, Didier Rozzonelli, Alain Demeure

"Constraint Logic Programming for Planning"
Jonathan Lever

"Inferring Inheritance from Datalog Programs"
Miguel-Angel Oros, Paul Y. Gloess

"Constraint Logic Programming on Strings: Theory and Applications"
Arcot Rajasekar

"A Portable Compiler for Integrating HiLog into Prolog Systems"
Konstantinos F. Sagonas, David S. Warren

"Last Parallel Call Optimization and Fast Backtracking
in And-parallel Logic Programming Systems"
Dongxing Tang, Enrico Pontelli, Gopal Gupta, Manuel Carro

"A PROLOG Interpreter for First-Order Intuitionistic Logic,"
L. Thorne MacCarty, Leon A. Shklar

"A Simple but Effective Program Revision Method"
 Li-Yan Yuan, Jia-Huai You

 * * * * * * * * * * *


Welcome Reception:  This wine and cheese reception, co-sponsored by ORA
Corporation, will be held Sunday evening, November 13 at 8:00 pm at the
Sheraton Inn.  This will be an opportunity for those arriving on the
weekend to informally greet each other and enjoy some fine New York wines
and assorted cheeses.

Johnson Art Museum:  Tuesday afternoon November 15 at 3:30 pm there will be
an opportunity for up to 60 conferees to go on a guided tour of the Johnson
Art Museum at Cornell.  Tickets for this tour will be provided to the first
sixty registratants indicating a desire to take the tour.

Piano Concert:  Tuesday evening November 15 at 8:15 pm a piano concert will
be held at Barnes Hall, Cornell University, featuring Xak Bjerken,
Cornell's new Music Department faculty member and pianist. Mr. Bjerken has
given solo and chamber music recitals in Europe and throughout the United
States, and has recently been invited to make solo appearance with the
Scottish Chamber Orchestra.  A trio he co-founded, M=F6bius, was in Residenc=
at the 1993 Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy, and its founder,
Gian-Carlo Menotti, has invited Mr. Bjerken to return this summer for solo
appearances.  Mr. Bjerken was a collaborative artist at the 1992 Ravina
=46estival, and has also attended the Aspen Music Festival, and the Music
Academy of the West.  The concert features compositions by Messiaen, D.
Scarlatti, Schoenberg, Debussy, and Liszt.

Banquet:  On Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm the conference banquet will be
held in the main ballroom at the Sheraton Inn. The guest speaker will be
Professor Juris Hartmanis.

        Ithaca is serviced by two major airlines, USAir and Continental.
The airport is located approximately 2 miles from the location of the
conference, the Sheraton Inn.  Other major airlines are available through
the Syracuse Airport, 50 miles north of Ithaca; Rochester Airport, 80 miles
north-west of Ithaca.  Transportation from Syracuse and Rochester to Ithaca
is limited.
        Special discount fares have been arranged with both USAir and
Continental Airlines for those attending ILPS'94.  Both airlines are
offering 10% off regular coach fares and 5% off lowest published excursion
fares.  Travel arrangements may be made through: Mickie Tsapis, Beam
Travel, 134 East Seneca Street, Ithaca, NY 14850, 1-800-404-2326, Fax:
607-277-3141.  Please mention the travel is in conjunction with ILPS
(International Logic Programming Symposium).

        For those arriving at the Ithaca/Tompkins County Airport free hotel
ground transportation may be obtained by calling the hotel using the
courtesy telephone located near the baggage area, or you may take the
Ithaca Airline Limousine service that meets each flight, costs is $5.00.
The Sheraton Inn is located approximately 2 miles from the airport.
        If you arrive at the Syracuse Airport (approximately 50 miles north
of Ithaca), the only transportation available is taxi, which will cost
approximately $65.00.  Rental cars are available for transportation from
Rochester, Syracuse, and Ithaca airports.

        ILPS'94 will be held at the Sheraton Inn , Ithaca, New York.  The
Sheraton Inn & Conference Center offers the most modern and complete
facilitiies in the area.  In addition to the superior accommodations,
comprehensive meeting  and banquet facilities, the hotel features an
indoor, heated swimming pool, saunas, and a fine resturant.  A fitness
center nearby.
        Cornell Transit buses make hourly stops at the hotel with stops at
numerous Cornell Campus locations.
        The Sheraton is located within easy walking distance of three
shopping malls and several resturants.
        Hotel reservations may be made by filling out the form in the
center of this program and mailing or faxing it to the hotel.

        The conference fee for early registration (before OCTOBER 17) for
members of the ALP or its affiliates will be US$350.  The fee for early
registration for non-members will be US$375.  After October 17 late
registration will cost members US$385, and non-members US$410.  The early
registration fee for students is US$150, and the late fee is US$165.  The
student fee does not include the banquet, but banquet tickets can be
purchased for US$50 each.
        Participants paying full or student registrations are given one
year's free automatic membership to the Association for Logic Programming.
You may wish to join your local affiliated society in Britain (ALP-UK),
=46rance (AFCET), Germany (ALP/G), or Italy (GULP).  If you do, please
indicate your desire on the registration form, so information can be
forwarded to your society.
        There is a registration form in the center of this program.  If you
wish to register by e-mail, please request an e-mail form from:
ilps@msiadmin.cit.cornell.edu.  E-mail registrations must be paid for by
of e-mail registration.
        All members of ALP, ACM, IEEE, SIGART, and SIGMOD are eligible for
discount registration fee.  Members must include the
membership/organization number (one affiliation only) in order to receive
the discount.  All students must submit proof of student status either by
submitting a photocopy of student identification or a letter from their
        Refund Policy:  Written requests or e-mail requests for refunds
must be received by the Conference co-ordinator Valerie Kaine by November
1.  Refunds are subject to a $50 processing fee.  Those who do not request
a refund by the deadline will be billed in full.
        The Conference Registration Fee includes: Admission to the entire
conference program including technical sessions, and poster sessions, a
copy of the proceedings of the conference, the reception on Sunday evening,
tour of Johnson Art Museum (see restrictions on registration form), Piano
Concert, and the Banquet.  The student fee does not include the banquet.
Extra banquet tickets are available at US$50.
        The post-conference workshops will cost US$20 for each workshop
attended.  People not registered at the conference can register for US$60
per workshop.  See the program for a list of workshops available.

        The City of Ithaca, located in the heart of the Finger Lakes
Region, is situated on the Southern tip of Cayuga Lake.  One of the largest
=46inger Lakes, Cayuga is, according to legend, what remains of the Onondaga
Indians' Creator impressing a hand on the region to express pleasure with
its beauty and purity.  Today, Ithaca remains incredibly beautiful despite
the many changes that have taken place since that mythic event.  A city of
about thirty thousand, Ithaca combines the beauty of a rural area with the
cultural offerings of a larger city.  It is home to both Cornell University
and Ithaca College and has also long been recognized as a center of
        Cornell University was established in 1868 and is the largest, most
comprehensive school in the Ivy League.  Ezra Cornell's dream to establish,
"an institution where any person can find instruction in any study" is one
that present-day Cornell fulfills.  Coming from all fifty states and over
nearly a hundred countries, Cornell's student population consists of over
12,000 undergraduate students and over 6,000 graduate students.
Undergraduate students can select from among more than four thousand
courses and graduate study is available in approximately a hundred academic
and professional skills, including law, management, medicine, and
veterinary medicine.
        The campus, acclaimed as one of the most beautiful in the world,
boasts over seven hundred acres of open lawns, manicured pathways, wooded
areas and distinctive buildings which overlook the city of Ithaca and
Cayuga Lake.  The waters that feed the lake have created spectacular gorges
and waterfalls throughout the area.
        There are several shopping areas available.  In additon to the
shopping malls near the Sheraton Inn, there are many specialty stores
located in downtown Ithaca.  An open-air pedestrian mall, known as The
Commons, is recommended to all visitors to Ithaca.  There is a large
assortment of resturants to choose from in downtown Ithaca and near Cornell
in the area referred to as "Collegetown."


All those desiring a student discount for registration must return this
certificate with their registration form.

I certify that ____________________________________
                        (Print name of student)

is a full-time student at ______________________________
                                (Name of university)

and eligible for the student conference rate.


                (Printed name)


Certificate must be signed by the thesis advisor or department head.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


International Logic Programming Symposium, November  13-17, 1994
Ithaca, New York, USA
Please mail to: Mathematical Sciences Institute Tel:  (+1) 607-255-8005
                Attn: ILPS'94                    FAX: (+1) 607-255-9003
                409 College Ave.
                Ithaca, NY 14850, USA

               E-mail: ilps@msiadmin.cit.cornell.edu
        Name: _________________________________________

        Address: ______________________________________________________
        Telephone: __________________  FAX: _________________________
        Membership organization & number: ___________
         E-mail: __________________________________
        Dietary Restrictions:  Vegetarian ___________________
        Other (specify) ______________________________________
        Other special needs:_____________________________________________

Check the social activities you plan to attend:
(All are included in the full registration fee.  Student registration does
not include the Banquet.  Additional Banquet tickets may be purchased for
$50.00) The following information is needed for proper planning of the

        ___ Opening Reception Nov. 13
        ___ Tour of Art Museum Nov 15.  (Limited to first 60)
        ___ Piano Concert Nov. 15
        ___ Banquet Nov 16.
                Select entree:  ___ Prime Rib
                                ___ Salmon

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Presenters indicate audio-visual requirements:

        ___     Overhead Projector
        ___     Chalk Board
        ___     Other (state) __________________________

Note: There will be a Sun Sparcstation with color screen available for
software demonstrations. Please notify conference registration office to
reserve time on the computer.

Conference Fees:        Before October 17               After October 17
        Member                  US$350                  US$385
        NonMember               US$375                  US$410
        Student                 US$150                  US$165
Workshop Fees:  Each workshop: US$20. Workshop only participants: US$60 per
workshop. Please check the appropriate workshop(s).:
        W1 ______ W2 _______ W3 _______ W4 _______ W5 _______

Total Payment:  US $ _________________________

Payment can be made by check drawn on a US bank or money order in American
dollars. Please make checks payable to Cornell University: ILPS'94. You can
also pay by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or Diners Club.

        Cardholder's name: ______________________________

        Type of card and Number: ______________________________

        Expiration Date: _____________________



Reservations should be made with the

        Sheraton Inn Ithaca             Tel# 607-257-2000
        Attn: Roseann Kuti              FAX # 607-257-3998
        One Sheraton Drive
        Ithaca, NY 14850

Deadline for hotel reservations is October 11, 1994

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * END * * * * * * * * * * * *


Victor W. Marek                                 Department of Computer Science
marek@cs.uky.edu                                        University of Kentucky
marek@ms.uky.edu                                           Lexington, KY 40506
606-257-3496 (office)                                       606-323-1971 (FAX)

If someone constructs a deductive system that isn't sound, then he has
made a mistake.

	(J.T. Kearns: The Principles of Deductive Logic)