[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

                 Fundamentals of Computation Theory, FCT'95
                    Dresden, Germany, August 22--25, 1995

(LaTeX and other versions of this Call for Papers are available by anonymous
ftp at URL: ftp://ithif10.inf.tu-dresden.de/fct95/fctcall.txt,.tex,.dvi,.ps)
   The conference is the tenth in the series of FCT conferences
organized every odd year. The papers selected by the Program Committee
are expected to to contribute to the following topics: Algorithms and
data structures, Automata and formal languages, Categories and types,
Computability and complexity, Computational logics, Computational
geometry, Foundations of system specifications, Learning theory,
Parallelism and concurrency, Rewriting and high-level replacement
systems, Semantics.

   In addition to three days of invited and selected lectures there
will be a one-day MINISYMPOSIUM at the end of FCT'95 dealing with

                     Specification of time-critical systems

with following invited speakers (Preliminary List): M.Abadi (DEC,
USA), J.Bergstra (Amsterdam), M.Broy (Munich), Z.Chaochen (Macau).

   Conference Chairman: Horst Reichel (Dresden).
   Program Committee: J. Balcazar (Barcelona), R.G. Bukharajev (Kazan),
Z. Esik (Szeged), J. Gruska (Bratislava/Lyon), T. Hagerup (Saarbruecken),
H. Juergensen (London, Canada), M. Main (Boulder),  U. Montanari (Pisa),
E.-R. Olderog (Oldenburg), T. Ottmann (Freiburg), G. Paun (Bucharest),
H. Reichel (Dresden), A. Slissenko,(Paris), J. Tiuryn (Warsaw),
P. Vitanyi (Amsterdam), I. Wegener (Dortmund), P. Widmayer (Zuerich).

   Authors are invited to submit five copies of a draft paper to the
Conference Chairman by December 19, 1994. They will be notified of
acceptance or rejection by March 31, 1995. Deadline for final text is
May 15, 1995.

   The proceedings will be available at the conference.

   FCT'95 Invited Speakers (Preliminary List): L. Lovasz (Yale University),
S. Abramski (Imperial College), L. Babai (Chicago University).

   Address for correspondence:
H. Reichel (FCT'95)                                     Tel. +49-351-4575-548
Institut fuer Theoretische Informatik                   FAX: +49-351-4575-348
Fakultaet Informatik, TU Dresden         e-mail:reichel@tcs.inf.tu-dresden.de 
Mommsenstr. 13, D-01062 Dresden, Germany