MFPS Call for Papers

[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

                              Call for Papers 
                                  MFPS XI
                       The Eleventh Conference on the 
              Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics 
                           March 29 - April 1, 1995 
                          New Orleans, Louisiana USA 
The Eleventh Conference on the Mathematical Foundations of Programming 
Semantics will be held at Tulane University, New Orleans, LA USA from March 29
to April 1, 1995. The conference will consist of six one-hour invited talks
and of talks selected from submissions. There also will be a special session
on the Semantics of Object-Oriented Languages. The MFPS conferences
are devoted to those areas of mathematics, logic and computer science which
are related to the semantics of programming languages. The series has
particularly stressed providing a forum where both mathematicians and computer
scientists can meet and exchange ideas about problems of common interest. We
also welcome submissions by researchers in neighboring areas, since we
strive to maintain breadth in the scope of the series. 

The invited speakers for MFPS XI are: 

 Andreas Blass (Michigan)              Robin Milner (Edinburgh)
 Edmund Clarke (CMU)                   John Reynolds (CMU)
 Neil Jones (Copenhagen)               Robert Tennent (Queen's, Kingston)
There also will be a special session on Semantics of Object-Oriented
Programming Languages, organized by Luca Cardelli (Digital Equipment Corp,
Systems Research Center) and John Mitchell (Stanford).

The organizing committee for MFPS consists of Stephen Brookes (CMU), Michael 
Main (Colorado), Austin Melton (Michigan Technological University), Michael
Mislove (Tulane) and David Schmidt (Kansas State). The co-chairs for MFPS XI
are Austin Melton and Michael Mislove. The program committee co-chairs are
Stephen Brookes and Michael Main. The remainder of the program
committee consists of:

Gerard Berry (INRIA)
Luca Cardelli (Digital Equipment Corp, Systems Research Center)
Achim Jung (Darmstadt)
Austin Melton (Michigan Technological University)
Michael Mislove (Tulane)
John Mitchell (Stanford)
Philip Mulry (Colgate)
Ana Pasztor (Florida International)
Prakash Panangaden (McGill)
Edmund Robinson (Sussex)
Pino Rosolini (Genova)
Steve Schneider (Royal Holloway)
Philip Scott (Ottawa)
Steve Vickers (Imperial)
Glynn Winskel (Aarhus)

Submissions must be extended abstracts of 12 pages or less.  Deadline
for submissions is November 10, 1994.

Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their submissions
by February 1, 1995.

Electronic submission is encouraged via email.  The submission
should be sent to Michael Main (main@cs.colorado.edu) in two separate files:
  -- Your original file in a format such as LaTex, troff, etc.
  -- An encapsulated postscript file which can be printed by any postscript

Alternately, submissions may be sent by ordinary mail (four 
copies of the extended abstract) to:

 Michael Main                   
 Campus Box 430
 Department of Computer Science 
 University of Colorado         
 Boulder, CO 80309-0430              
 Telephone: (303) 499-3255
In the past, proceedings of the conference have been published as a volume
of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (cf. LNCS 239, 298, 442, 598, 802).
For the 1995 conference, the organizing committee is considering an
electronic form of publication. We anticipate the quality and refereeing
standards will be similar to past publications of the MFPS Proceedings.

General inquiries about MFPS XI can be addressed to: 

A WWW listing is also available with the latest information about the
conference via Mosaic.  The listing is: