CFP: TAPSOFT'95 (short reminder)

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announcement to types.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

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CALL FOR PAPERS                                              CALL FOR PAPERS
22--26 MAY 1995                                              AARHUS, DENMARK

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 15 OCTOBER 1994 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

TAPSOFT'95 is  the Sixth  International Joint Conference  on the  Theory and
Practice of  Software Development.   It  will be held  at the  University of
Aarhus, Denmark.   TAPSOFT is traditionally divided into three sections:

     CAAP:           Colloquium on Trees in Algebra and Programming
                     -- covering a wide range of topics in theoretical
                     computer science

     FASE:           Colloquium on Formal Approaches in Software Engineering
                     -- with the emphasis on practical applicability

     Invited talks:  on a variety of relevant topics.

TOOLS   In  recognition of  the importance  of support  tools for  practical 
use of  formal  approaches, TAPSOFT'95  will also have a session where tools  
are demonstrated.


     Hartmut Ehrig        A Decade of TAPSOFT: Progress and Prospects
     Christiane Floyd     Theory and Practice of Software Development:
                          Steps in an Unfolding Dance
     Marie-Claude Gaudel  Testing can be Formal too!
     Joseph Goguen        Reconciling Social and Technical Aspects of
                          Computer Systems
     Dexter Kozen         New Results on Set Constraints
     Vaughan Pratt        Rational Mechanics.

SATELLITE MEETINGS       Facilities  will  be  provided  for  holding  short
specialized  workshops  and other meetings  in conjunction with  TAPSOFT'95.
Please contact the TAPSOFT organisers as soon as possible, if interested.

DATES             15 Oct 1994   Deadline for receipt of submissions
                   1 Dec 1994   Notification of acceptance sent
                   1 Feb 1995   Final paper due


Full  information  about TAPSOFT'95 is available for electronic access using
World  Wide  Web:   file://ftp.daimi.aau.dk/pub/TAPSOFT/README.html
and anonymous FTP:  ftp ftp.daimi.aau.dk, cd pub/TAPSOFT, get README.
This information can also be obtained by sending a request marked TAPSOFT'95
     BRICS -- TAPSOFT'95               E-mail:  tapsoft@daimi.aau.dk
     Dept. of Computer Science         Fax:     +45 8942 3255
     University of Aarhus
     Ny Munkegade, Bldg. 540
     DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark