Research Assistant Position

\title{{\bf {\Large A Research Assistant Position}}}
\author{{\bf{\Large University of Glasgow}}}


A position of Research Assistant (or PostDoc) is available for three
full years at the University of Glasgow, Department of Computing Science.
Starting date is 1 September 1994, Salary is on the RA (1A) point 6.
This means that the annual starting salary is 15,186 English pounds +
the usual superannuation and N.I.\ of 4,009 pounds which apply.

The position is to work on an SERC funded project entitled
``theoretical and implementation advantages of a new
$\lambda$-notation''.  The aim of the project is to study the
advantages of a new $\lambda$-notation and of a generalised type
system, in particular for type theory, reduction, theorem proving and
to provide a common framework for comparing the power of logical and
functional programming.

The applicant must have a PhD (or its equivalent) 
in Mathematics, Mathematical Logic or in Theoretical Computing 
Science.  He/she must must be very competent.

Those interested, please apply sending a CV to:

{\bf Before 7 September '94}\\
Fairouz Kamareddine,\\
Eindhoven University of Technology,\\
Department of Mathematics and Computing Science,\\
Post Box, 513,\\
5600 MB, Eindhoven\\
The Netherlands\\
email fairouz@info.win.tue.nl
{\bf After 7 September '94}
Fairouz Kamareddine,\\
University of Glasgow,\\
Department of Computing Science,\\
17 Lilybank Gardens,\\
Glasgow, G12 8QQ,\\
email fairouz@dcs.gla.ac.uk