Conference: Category Theory and Computer Science (CTCS)

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Preliminary Announcement and Call for Papers

                           7th-11th August 1995

                        University of Cambridge, UK.


The sixth of the biennial conferences on Category Theory and Computer Science 
is to be held in Cambridge in 1995, in conjunction with the third Cambridge 
Summer Meeting in Category Theory.

The purpose of the conference series is the advancement of the foundations
of computing using the tools of category theory, algebra, geometry and logic.  
Whilst the emphasis is upon applications of category theory, it is recognised 
that the area is highly interdisciplinary and the organising committee welcomes 
submissions in related areas. Topics central to the conference include:

	    Models of computation	       Program logics and specification
	    Type theory and its semantics      Domain theory
	    Linear logic and its applications  Categorical programming

Submissions purely on category theory are also acceptable as long as the
applicability to computing is evident.

Previous meetings have been held in Guildford (Surrey), Edinburgh,
Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam.

It is anticipated that the proceedings will be published by Springer in the
LNCS series.


	Submission of papers	        February 1, 1995
	Notification of acceptance	April 14, 1995
	Final papers due	        June 1, 1995


Authors should send 5 hard copies of a draft paper (maximum of 20 pages) to

	Dr. David Pitt, 
	Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences,
	University of Surrey,
	Guildford, Surrey, GU2 5XH,
	United Kingdom.


	Dr. Peter Johnstone,
	Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics,
	16 Mill Lane,
	Cambridge, CB2 1SB,
	United Kingdom.

Registration forms for the joint conference will be available nearer to the

Organising and programme committee:  

S. Abramsky,  P.-L. Curien,  P. Dybjer,  P. Johnstone,  G. Longo,  G. Mints,  
J. Mitchell, E. Moggi,  D. Pitt,  A. Pitts,  A. Poigne,  D. Rydeheard,  
F-J. de Vries, E. Wagner.