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             Kanazawa, Japan, December 5 - 8, 1994
                    ( First announcement ) 
The WORKSHOP ( NSL'94 ) will be held at Kanazawa City Cultural Hall,  
Kanazawa, Japan from December 5th(Mon) to 8th(Thu), 1994.  Kanazawa 
is known as one of Japan's foremost castle towns and is a central 
city in the Hokuriku region. 
This is organized as an activity of the joint project on the study of  
non-standard logics between logicians in Japan and Siberia, and is  
supported by JAIST ( Japan Advanced Institute of Science and  
Technology, Hokuriku ). The workshop will be held also as an annual  
meeting of MLG ( Research Group of Mathematical Logic in Japan ). 
 L. Maksimova ( Novosibirsk ), H. Ono ( JAIST ) ( co-chair ), 
 Yu. Ershov ( Novosibirsk ), H. Ishihara ( JAIST ), 
 Y. Komori ( Shizuoka ), A. Mantsyvoda ( Irkutsk ), 
 V. Rybakov ( Krasnoyarsk ), Y. Toyama ( JAIST ). 
* modal and temporal logics, intermediate logics 
* substructural logics, linear logic, relevant logics  
* categorical logic 
* lambda and combinatory calculi, type theory, term rewriting systems 
* constructive mathematics 
* recursion theory, generalized computability 
* automated deduction, proof verification 
* program logic, computer logic, semantics of functional and logic programming 
* non-monotonic reasoning, logics in artificial intelligence 
The workshop consists of several lectures by invited speakers of 50 min. 
and contributed papers.  Invited speakers include D. Bridges and K. Segerberg. 
CONTRIBUTED PAPERS are invited from any research topic related to 
non-standard logics and logical aspects of computer science. Authors  
are requested to submit 3 copies of an abstract to the following 
address, preferably by e-mail. 
       Hiroakira Ono, Department of Information Science,  
       Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), 
       Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa, 923-12, Japan;  
       e-mail  ono@jaist.ac.jp 
Abstracts should be written in English and not more than one page long. 
The DEADLINE is October 5th, 1994.  
REGISTRATION:  If you intend to participate the workshop, please  
fill in and send back the REGISTRATION FORM below to the following  
address. The form may be sent by e-mail. 
       H. Ishihara, Department of Information Science, 
       Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), 
       Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa, 923-12, Japan; 
       e-mail nsl94@logic.jaist.ac.jp ;  Fax  +81-761-51-1149. 
All participants are requested to register and to pay the registration 
fee either by bank transfer or at the reception desk in the conference  
                           by Oct. 31, 1994    after Oct.31, 1994 
          students             2,500 yen            3,500 yen 
     other participants        6,000 yen            8,000 yen 
      Bank name:   Hokkoku Bank, Tatsunokuchi Branch 
      Address:     Tatsunokuchi 104, Tatsunokuchi, Nomi, Ishikawa
                   923-12, Japan
      Acct. no.:    123704
      Acct. name:   NSL 94 Daihyo Ono Hiroakira
     ( We can accommodate participants from abroad. Please contact us
       concerning the payment of registration fee. )

By Air:  Haneda Airport ( Tokyo ) to Komatsu Airport: 65 min. 
         Komatsu Airport to Kanazawa, by airport bus: 55 min. 
By Train:  From Osaka: 2 hours 37 min. by super express train 
           From Tokyo: 3 hours 58 min. by Joetsu Shinkansen, 
                       changed at Nagaoka 
By Express Bus:  From Tokyo: 7 hours 20 min. 
                 From Kyoto: 3 hours 50 min. 
For further information, contact also H. Ishihara in the above address. 
                    REGISTRATION FORM 
  ( It is recommended for Japanese registrants to fill the 
    *-marked items below BOTH in English and Japanese. ) 
  *Name:                 *First name:             
  *Mailing address: 
  Do you wish to give a talk at the workshop?   YES [ ]    NO [ ] 
  Title of your talk: 
  For participants from abroad: 
  * I would like you to arrange my accomodation: 
       Single room  [ ]       Double room  [ ] 
       Check-in    Dec. ____     Check-out    Dec. ____