ALP/PLILP'94 Preliminary Program and Reg. Forms (ASCII/LaTeX)



                            JOINT CONFERENCE

               ALP'94                                PLILP'94
    Fourth International Conference on   Sixth International Symposium on
     Algebraic and Logic Programming    Programming Language Implementation
                                                and Logic Programming

                             Madrid (Spain)

                         September 14-16, 1994

        Sponsored by: The Association of Logic Programming
                      Esprit COMPULOG-NET
                      Comission of the European Union - DG-III/DG-XIII
                      Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)
                      Universidad Polit'ecnica de Madrid (UPM)
                      Comunidad Aut'onoma de Madrid
                      SUN Microsystems - Spain
        Organized by: DIA - UCM
                      LSIIS - UPM

          PLILP'94                                   ALP'94
          --------                                   ------

  Program_Co-Chairs:                        Program Co-Chairs:
  ------------------                        ------------------
  Manuel Hermenegildo (Madrid)              Giorgio Levi (Pisa)
  Jaan Penjam (Tallinn)                     Mario Rodr'iguez--Artalejo (Madrid)

  Program_Committee:                        Program Committee:
  ------------------                        ------------------
  Mats Carlsson (Stockholm)                 Krzysztof Apt (Amsterdam)
  Michael Codish (Beer Sheva)               Egidio Astesiano (Genova)
  Bart Demoen (Leuven)                      Harald Ganzinger (Saarbr"ucken)
  Pierre Deransart (Rocquencourt)           Claude Kirchner (Nancy)
  Moreno Falaschi (Padova)                  Michael Maher (Yorktown Heights)
  Neil Jones (Copenhagen)                   Fernando Orejas (Barcelona)
  Herbert Kuchen (Aachen)                   Laurence Puel (Orsay)
  Brian Mayoh (Aarhus)                      Jerzy Tiuryn (Warsaw)
  Juan J. Moreno (Madrid)                   Andrei Voronkov (Uppsala)
  Alan Mycroft (Cambridge)
  Hiroshi Nakashima (Kyoto) 
  Jukka Paakki (Jyv"askyl"a)
  Peter Pepper (Berlin)
  Igor Pottosin (Novosibirsk)
  Antoine Rauzy (Bordeaux)
  Francesca Rossi (Pisa)
  Peter Stuckey (Melbourne)
  Doaitse Swierstra (Utrecht)
  David H.D. Warren (Bristol)
  Will Winsborough (Pennsylvania)

  Local Arrangements Chairman:        Organizing Committee:
  ----------------------------        ---------------------
  Juan Jos'e Moreno-Navarro,          M. Teresa Hortala'a (UCM) 
  Universidad Polit'ecnica de Madrid  Javier Leach (UCM)
                                      Lourdes Araujo (UCM)
                                      Germ'an Puebla S'anchez (UPM)
                                      Angel Herranz Nieva (UPM)
                                      Julio Mari~no Carballo (UPM)
                                      Julio Garc'ia Mart'in (UPM)
                                      Daniel Cabeza Gras (UPM)
                                      Francisco Bueno Carrillo (UPM)
	                              Manuel Carro Li~nares (UPM)

  Conference Secretariat:
  PLILP-ALP'94 (Att: Juan Jos'e Moreno-Navarro), Facultad de Inform'atica,
  Universidad Polit'ecnica de Madrid, Campus de Montegancedo s/n,
  Boadilla del Monte, 28660 Madrid, Spain

  e-mail: plilp-alp-info@dia.fi.upm.es
  ftp   : dia.fi.upm.es, pub/plilp-alp-94
  fax   : +34 1 336 74 12


Welcome to the Joint 1994 International Conference  on  Algebraic  and
Logic Programming (ALP'94) and International Symposium on  Programming
Language Implementation and Logic Programming (PLILP'94).

Following the three previous ALP conferences in Gaussig (1988),  Nancy
(1990),  and  Volterra  (1992),  as  well  as  the five previous PLILP
meetings in Orleans (1988), Linkoping (1990),  Passau  (1991),  Leuven
(1992), and Tallinn (1993), the  Fourth  International  Conference  on
Algebraic and Logic Programming and the Sixth International  Symposium
on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming  will  be
held  concurrently  in Madrid (Spain).  The event is organized jointly
by the Computer Science Departments of the Complutense  University  of
Madrid (UCM) and the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

The  technical  program  includes  27 refereed papers corresponding to
PLILP  and  17  refereed   papers   corresponding   to   ALP,   poster
presentations, system demonstrations and 3 invited lectures by  Robert
Paige (New  York  University),  Dale  Miller  (U.  Pennsylvania),  and
Catuscia Palamidessi (U. Genova).

In addition to the  technical  program  the  official  social  program
includes an  excursion  to  one  of  the  nearby  historic  cities,  a
reception, and a conference banquet.  Madrid,  a  city  of  contrasts,
traditional  and contemporary at the same time, offers the opportunity
to enjoy both Spain and one of the most attractive capitals in Europe.


Scientific Program

Tuesday, 13th

18.30 - 19.30 Registration and Reception.

Wednesday, 14th

 8.30  Registration and Opening session (Room Peque~no Anfiteatro)
 9.00  Invited Talk (Room Peque~no Anfiteatro):
       Concurrent Constraint Programming,
         Catuscia Palamidessi, Univ. di Genova (Italy)

 10.00 Break

 10.15 Parallel sessions

       - ALP session(Room Gregorio Mara~n'on): Theorem Proving
       Proving Implications by Algebraic Approximation
         Michael Codish, Grigory Mashevitzky, Ben-Gurion Univ. of the
       Negev (Israel)

       Sufficient Completeness and Parameterized Proofs by Induction
         Adel Bouhoula, CRIN-INRIA Lorraine (France)
       Proving Behavioural Theorems with Standard First-Order Logic
         M.Bidoit, CNRSURA, Liens (France)
         R.Hennicker, Ludwig-Maximilians-Univ. Munchen (Germany)

       - PLILP session (Room Peque~no Anfiteatro): Parallelism & Concurrency
       A Portable and Efficient Implementation of KL1
         T. Chikayama, T. Fujise, and D. Sekita, ICOT Research Center (Japan)
       Analysis of Environment Representation Schemes for MultiLog
         D. Smith, University of Waikato (New Zealand)

       Abstracting Synchronization in Concurrent Constraint Programming
         E. Zaffanella and G. Levi, Universit`a di Pisa (Italy)
         R. Giacobazzi, 'Ecole Polytechnique (France)

  11.45 Break

  12.15 Parallel sessions

       - ALP session: Narrowing
       How to Realize LSE Narrowing
         A.Werner, Univ. Karlsruhe (Germany)
         A.Bockmayr, MPI Inf., Im Stadtwald (Germany)
         S. Krischer, CRIN-INRIA Lorraine (France)
       Compositional Analysis for Equational Horn Programs
         Mar'ia Alpuente, Univ. Polit'ecnica de Valencia (Spain)
         Moreno Falaschi, Universit`a di Padova (Italy)
         Germ'an Vidal, Univ. Polit'ecnica de Valencia (Spain)
       Equation solving in projective planes and planar ternary rings
         Philippe Balbiani, Univ. Paul Sabatier (France)

       - PLILP session: Implementation Techniques I
       A Novel Term Compression Scheme and Data Representation in the BinWAM
         P. Tarau, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
         U. Neumerkel, Technical Univ. Wien (Austria)
       A Simple and Efficient Copying Garbage Collector for Prolog
         J. Bevemyr and T. Lindgren, Uppsala University (Sweden)
       Deriving Residual Reference Count Garbage Collectors
         W. Schulte, Ulm University (Germany)

  13.45 Lunch

  15.00 Parallel sessions

       -ALP session: Logic Programming I
       From Eventual to Atomic and Locally Atomic CC Programs: A
       Concurrent Semantics
         F. Bueno, M. Garcia de la Banda, M. Hermenegildo, UPM (Spain)
         U. Montanari, F. Rossi, Universit`a di Pisa (Italy)
       Concurrent logic programming as uniform linear proofs
         Paolo Volpe, Universit`a di Pisa (Italy)
       Three-Valued Completion for Abductive Logic Programs
         Frank Teusink, CWI Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

       - PLILP session: Implementation Techniques II
       RML - A New Language and Implementation for Natural Semantics
         G. Pettersson, Linkoping University (Sweden)
       Towards a Provable Correct Compiler for OBJ3
         L. Hamel and J. Goguen, Oxford Univ. Computing Laboratory (U.K.)
       An Implementation Technique for a Class of Bottom-Up Procedures
         A. Voronkov, Uppsala University (Sweden)

  16.30 Break

  17.00 Parallel sessions

       - ALP session: Term Rewriting
       A Sequential Reduction Strategy
         Sergio Antoy, Portland State Univ. (USA)
         Aart Middeldorp, Univ. of Tsukuba (Japan)
       On Modularity of Termination and Confluence Properties of
       Conditional Rewrite Systems
         Bernhard Gramlich, Kaiserslautern Univ. (Germany)
       Syntactical analysis of total termination
         M.C.F. Ferreira and H. Zantema, Utrecht Univ. (The Netherlands)
       Logic Programs as Term Rewriting Systems
         Massimo Marchiori, Universit`a di Padova (Italy)

       - PLILP session: Partial Evaluation, Synthesis and Language Issues
       Partial Deduction and Driving are Equivalent
         R. Gl"uck and M. Sorensen, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
       Partial Continuations as the Difference of Continuations. A
       Duumvirate of Control Operators
         L. Moreau, Universit'e de Li`ege (Belgium)
         C. Queinnec, INRIA-Rocquencourt (France)
       Handwriting Program Generator Generators
         L. Birkedal and M. Welinder, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
       A Logic for Encapsulation in Object Oriented Languages
         M. Bugliesi, Universit`a di Padova (Italy)
         H. Jamil, Concordia University (Canada)

Thursday, 15th

  9.00  Invited Talk (Room Peque~no Anfiteatro):
       Specification using Multiple-conclusion Logic Programs,
         Dale Miller, Univ. of Pennsylvania (USA)

  10.00 ALP Session: Higher-order Programming
       Higher-Order Minimal Function Graphs
         N.D.Jones, M.Rosendahl, Univ. of Copenhagen (Denmark)
       Reasoning about Layered, Wildcard and Product Patterns
         Delia Kesner, CNRS-LRI (France)

  11.00 Break

  11.30 PLILP Session: Constraint Programming
       Annotated Constraint Logic Programming Applied to Temporal Reasoning
         T. Fruehwirth, ECRC (Germany)
       clp(B): Combining Simplicity and Efficiency in Boolean
       Constraint Solving
         P. Codognet and D. D'iaz, INRIA-Rocquencourt (France)
       Handling preferences in Constraint Logic Programming with
       Relational Optimization
         F. Fages, J. Fowler, and T. Sola, Thompson CSF/LCR (France)
       Improving Search for Job-Shop Scheduling with CLP(FD)
         B. Silvia and H. Lock, IBM WZH (Germany)

  13.30 Lunch

  15.00 Excursion and Conference Dinner

Friday, 16th

  9.00  Invited Talk:
       Viewing A Program Transformation System At Work,
         Robert Paige, New York University (USA)

  10.00 ALP Session: Logic Programming II
       Preserving universal termination through unfold/fold
         Annalisa Bossi, Universit`a di Padova (Italy)
         Nicoletta Cocco, Univ. of Venezia-Ca'Foscari (Italy)
       A Logic for Variable Aliasing in Logic Programs
         Elena Marchiori, CWI Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

  11.00 Break

  11.30 PLILP session: Meta-Programming and Program Transformation
       Implementations of Program Composition Operations
         A. Brogi, A. Chiarelli, P. Mancarella, V. Mazzotta, D.
         Pedreschi, C. Renso, and F. Turini, Universit`a di Pisa (Italy)
       Sleepers: a versatile high-level control mechanism
         C. Codognet, LIENS/Universit'e Paris 13 (France)
         P. Codognet, INRIA-Rocquencourt (France)
         V. Loia, Universit`a di Salerno (Italy)
         M. Quaggetto, Universit'e Pierre et Marie Curie (France)
       Improving Arithmetic Performance using Fine-Grain Unfolding
         T. Metzemakers, A. Miniussi, D. Sherman, and R. Strandh,
         Universit'e Bordeaux I (France)
       Unfold/fold transformations for definite clause programs
         M. Gergatsoulis and M. Katzouraki, Institute of Informatics
         and Telecomm. (Greece)

  13.30 Lunch

  15.00 PLILP Session: Functional-logic Programming
       A Graph Reduction Technique with Sharing across Narrowings for
       Functional-Logic Languages
         J. Maraist,Univ. Karlsruhe (Germany)
         F. Silbermann, Tulane Univ. (USA)
       Combining Lazy Narrowing and Simplification
         M. Hanus, Max-Planck-Institut f"ur Informatik (Germany)
       Combining Lazy Narrowing with Disequality Constraints
         P. Arenas-S'anchez, A. Gil-Luezas, and F. L'opez-Fraguas, UCM (Spain)

  16.30 Break

  17.00 PLILP Session: Program Analysis & Abstract Interpretation
       Abstracting numerical values in CLP(H,N)
         G. Janssens and M. Bruynooghe, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)
         V. Englebert, Univ. Notre Dame de la Paix (Belgium)
       Dynamic Dependence in Term Rewriting Systems and its
       Application to Program Slicing
         J. Field, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center (USA)
         F. Tip, CWI (The Netherlands)
       Abstracting s-semantics Using A Model-Theoretic Approach
         D. Boulanger, M. Bruynooghe, and M. Denecker, K.U.Leuven (Belgium)

 18.30 Closing session

General Information

ALP'94  -  PLILP'94  will  held  in  downtown  Madrid  at the historic
"Colegio de M'edicos" building.  The building currently belongs to the
Official Medical Society but for three  centuries  it  served  as  the
School of Medicine. It was built in the Carlos III era, which marked a
period of particularly strong cultural activity in the city.  Recently
refurbished,   it  combines  modern  conference  facilities  with  the
decoration and environment of the old classrooms, where, for instance,
medicine Nobel prize, Ram'on y Cajal, gave lectures.

The Colegio de M'edicos is located in 51, Santa Isabel street,  inside
the "Golden Triangle of Art" of Madrid, formed by  the  Prado  museum,
the Reina Sof'ia modern  art  museum  (just  outside  the  Colegio  de
M'edicos building),  and  the  Thyssen  collection  museum.  Botanical
Gardens, Retiro Park, and Atocha train station  (the  departing  point
for many enjoyable excursions around Madrid) are  all  within  walking
distance.  Using  the public transportation system (subway, buses, and
railroad) it is easy to schedule your own program of visits  to  other
museums,  historical  buildings, parks, etc.  The weather in September
is usually warm and pleasant.

Madrid  has  direct  flights from most major cities and generally good
connections from elsewhere.  Madrid is  also  accessible  by  railroad
with specially convenient overnight trains from Paris and Lisbon.

Registration Fees
The registration fees for both conferences are the following (in
Spanish pesetas - ESP -, 1$US approx. 135 ESP):

 |                      |                    |                   |
 | Conference           | before August 27th | after August 27th |
 | _____________________|____________________|___________________|
 |                      |                    |                   |
 | Participants         |          40000 ESP |         48000 ESP |
 |                      |                    |                   |
 | Students             |          20000 ESP |         25000 ESP |
 |                      |                    |                   |
 | Additional excursion |                    |                   |
 | & dinner ticket1     |          10000 ESP |         10000 ESP |

Note:  All students must submit proof of student status by enclosing a
copy  of  a  valid student identification card or a signed letter from
their advisor.

The participant registration fee includes attendance at  the  sessions
of  both  conferences,  a  copy of the proceedings for each conference
(two volumes  total),  coffee  breaks,  the  social  dinner,  and  the
excursion.  The  student fee does not include the excursion and social
dinner, which can be purchased separately.

The  registration form (included below) must be completed and returned
to the Conference Secretariat before August 27th to  qualify  for  the
reduced rates.

The amount should  be  paid  in  Spanish  pesetas  using  one  of  the
following methods:

   - by cheque, to be made payable to "Universidad Polit'ecnica de
   Madrid - OTT".

   - by money transfer to account 31000262, BARCLAYS BANK, Pza.
   Col'on, 2, 28046 Madrid, Spain, clearly indicating the following code
   "PLILP-ALP Registration P-93-1015-241". Please make sure that your
   payment includes any banking fees.

Any cancelation must be communicated in  writing  to  the  Conference
Secretariat  before  September  2nd.  A  15%  management  cost will be
charged for cancelations.

A limited number of grants are available  for  young  researchers  and
researchers  from  developing  countries.  Priority  will  be given to
authors of accepted papers. If you are interested, please contact  the
Conference Secretariat.

Hotel Accommodation

Madrid will be a very busy city in September. We suggest making  hotel
reservations  as  soon as possible, specially if you want a three star
hotel,  which is normally in high demand. In any case, please send the
hotel reservation form before August 27th.

All hotels are located within a maximum of 10 minutes walking distance
(or  two  bus stops) from the Colegio de M'edicos. We will try to meet
participants'   preferences   and  reserve  the  closest  hotel  on  a
first-come/first-serve  basis.  In case we cannot make the reservation
in  the  desired  hotel  category  we  will  select  the  closest  one
available. The hotel rates, for the days of the  conference,  are  the
following  (in  case  you would like to stay over longer, these hotels
usually have good special prices for the week-end):

 |                    |             |             |
 | Category           | Single room | Double room |
 | ___________________|_____________|_____________|
 |                    |             |             |
 | Grand class        |   20250 ESP |   26550 ESP |
 |                    |             |             |
 | * * * *            |    9650 ESP |   11200 ESP |
 |                    |             |             |
 | * * *              |    7650 ESP |    9000 ESP |
 |                    |             |             |

The  prices  are  again  in  Spanish pesetas and 6% VAT must be added.
Breakfast is included. Some of the hotels could ask for a prepayment.

In  addition  to these hotels, a limited number of rooms are available
in  student  dorms  for  3800  ESP  per  day. Breakfast and dinner are
included. Again, 6% VAT must be added. Payment for the  complete  stay
must  be  made upon arrival. These dorms are on the main campus of UCM
and  UPM,  and  are  connected by subway with the conference venue (30
minutes approx.).

---8<--- CUT HERE -----------------------------------------------------------


                        REGISTRATION FORM

  Please complete (block letters) and return to the Conference
  Secretariat by August 27, 1994.

  Conference Secretariat:
  PLILP-ALP'94 (Att: Juan Jos'e Moreno-Navarro), Facultad de
  Inform'atica, Universidad Polit'ecnica de Madrid, Campus de
  Montegancedo s/n, Boadilla del Monte, 28660 Madrid, Spain

  e-mail: plilp-alp-info@dia.fi.upm.es                 fax: +34 1 336 74 12

Surname _______________________________________________________________

First name ____________________________________________________________

Affiliation ___________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

ZIP code ________________________________ Country _____________________

Phone ________________________________  Fax ___________________________

e-mail  _______________________________________________________________

Registration Fees

   Participant conference fee     ESP _______________

   Student conference fee         ESP _______________

   Additional excursion(s) &
   dinner ticket(s)               ESP _______________


   Total                          ESP _______________

Special food

Vegetarian _____ Other (pls. specify) ____________ (We will try to do our best)
   Please find enclosed: Copy of the money transfer .... |       |
                         Cheque .........................|       |

                Signature  ________________________

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                      HOTEL ACCOMMODATION FORM

  Please complete (block letters) and return to the Conference
  Secretariat by August 27, 1994.

  Conference Secretariat:
  PLILP-ALP'94 (Att: Juan Jos'e Moreno-Navarro), Facultad de
  Inform'atica, Universidad Polit'ecnica de Madrid, Campus de
  Montegancedo s/n, Boadilla del Monte, 28660 Madrid, Spain

  e-mail: plilp-alp-info@dia.fi.upm.es                 fax: +34 1 336 74 12


Surname _______________________________________________________________

First name ____________________________________________________________

Phone ________________________________  Fax ___________________________

e-mail  _______________________________________________________________

Please reserve:
_____ single room(s)

_____ double room(s) to be shared with ________________________________

in the following hotel class

                           Grand class  ______

                           * * * *      ______

                           * * *        ______

                           Student room ______

Arrival on ____________________________ Departure ______________________

                Signature  ________________________