new collection

	 Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming:
		Types, Semantics, and Language Design

			      edited by
		 Carl A. Gunter and John C. Mitchell

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Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming: Types, Semantics,
and Language Design, Carl A. Gunter and John C. Mitchell editors, MIT
Press Foundations of Computing Series, x+548 pages.

editor = "C. A. Gunter and J. C. Mitchell",
title = "Theoretical Aspects of Object-Oriented Programming: 
         Types, Semantics, and Language Design",
year = "1994",
publisher = "The {MIT} Press"}



Series Forward							vii

Introduction							  1

  I Objects and Subtypes

  1. User-Defined Types and Procedural Data Structures as
     Complementary Approaches to Data Abstraction		 13
     John C. Reynolds

  2. Using Category Theory to Design Implicit Conversions
     and Generic Operators					 25
     John C. Reynolds

 II Type Inference						 65

  3. Type Inference for Records in a Natural Extension of ML
     Didier Re'my						 67

  4. Type Inference for Objects with Instance Variables and
     Mitchell Wand						 97

  5. Static Type Inference for Parametric Classes
     Atsushi Ohori and Peter Buneman				121

III Coherence							149

  6. A Modest Model of Records, Inheritance and
     Bounded Quantification
     Kim Bruce and Guiseppe Longo				151

  7. Inheritance as Implicit Coercion
     Val Breazu-Tannen, Thierry Coquand, Carl A. Gunter,
     and Andre Scedrov						197

  8. Coherence of Subsumption, Minimum Typing and
     Type-Checking in F<=
     Pierre-Louis Curien and Giorgio Ghelli			247

 IV Record Calculi						293

  9. Operations on Records
     Luca Cardelli and John C. Mitchell				295

 10. Typing Record Concatenation for Free
     Didier Re'my						351

 11. Extensible Records in a Pure Calculus of Subtyping
     Luca Cardelli						373

 12. Bounded Quantification is Undecidable
     Benjamin C. Pierce						427

  V Inheritance							461

 13. Two Semantic Models of Object-Oriented Languages
     Sam Kamin and Uday Reddy					463

 14. Inheritance is Not Subtyping
     William R. Cook, Walter L. Hill and Peter S. Canning	497

 15. Toward a Typed Foundation for Method Specialization 
     and Inheritance
     John C. Mitchell						519

Contributors							547



This volume comprises fifteen chapters, by selected authors, on
theoretical aspects of object-oriented programming languages.  The
focus is on type systems and semantic models, and how advances in
these areas can contribute to new language designs.  The collection is
divided into five parts: Objects and Subtypes, Type Inference,
Coherence, Record Calculi, Inheritance.  The chapters are organized
approximately in order of increasing complexity of the language
constructs they consider.  Put briefly, the collection begins with
variations on Pascal- and Algol-like languages, develops the theory of
illustrative record object models, and concludes with research
directions for developing a more comprehensive theory of
object-oriented programming languages.

Part I discusses the similarities and differences between OBJECTS and
algebraic-style abstract data types, and address general problems
associated with subtyping (or subclasses) in the presence of
operations that may be applied to objects of more than one type.

Parts II--IV, which form the core of the collection, are concerned
with what may be called the RECORD MODEL of object-oriented
languages. More specifically, these chapters discuss static and
dynamic semantics of languages with simple object models that include
a type or class hierarchy, but do not explicitly provide what is often
record model incrementally, beginning with a simple extension of the
record operations from the language ML.  The denotational semantics of
these languages are considered in Part III, with more elaborate record
object models and more precise connections with object-oriented
methodology developed in Part IV.

Extensions and modifications to record object models are considered in
Part V.  These chapters bring us closer to the full complexity of
practical object-oriented languages.  However, the complete
theoretical underpinnings of the language features discussed in Part V
remain a topic for future research.



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