CFP: ECOOP 94 W/S on Economic Impact of OO and Reuse Based

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                        Call for participation

			   One day workshop
     Economic Impact of Object Oriented and Reuse Based Methodologies

		     in connection with ECOOP'94
		           4 - 8 July 1994
		           Bologna,  Italy

Object Orientedness and Reusability have been emerging for
the last few years as two of the hottest research fields in software
engineering, furthermore each of them seems to imply the other.
Several research efforts are ongoing, standards are being
defined and the first commercial products are emerging.  However there
is  a current  debate  about the  impact  of these methodologies on
industries, software houses and research institutes, and about their real
economic advantages.
The aim of this to discuss in an informal and sincere environment their
researches, their experiences and their plans in these fields.
Positive and especially negative experiences are particularly sought.

Please send a position paper to:

Giancarlo Succi, Laboratorio di Ingegneria Informatica, University of Trento
Via Zeni 8, Rovereto (TN) 38068.
Tel: +39 (464) 443140
Fax: +39 (464) 443141
e-mail: Giancarlo.Succi@lii.unitn.it

e-mail strongly encouraged. LaTeX preferred, but also MIF, RTF and Word are
accepted beside plain ASCII.

Submission due: 15 June, 1994

Important: you need to be registered for ECOOP to partecipate to the WS.