Reminder: LICS'94 Registration

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                      LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE                   
                     Ninth Annual IEEE Symposium
                    July 3-7, 1994, Paris, France

NOTE: Advance payment for registration by credit card is not possible.
However, it is possible to pay by credit card or cash in French Francs
on location at CNAM.  In order to get the early registration rate,
send the registration form so that it is received before June 6,
circle the reduced rate (and the banquet fee if you wish to attend the
banquet), and indicate that you will pay on site with cash or one of
the following authorized cards: Visa international, Eurocard,
MasterCard.  If you choose to pay by this method and are subsequently
unable to attend, you are requested to send mail to symposia@inria.fr.

Other forms of payment (as stated in the brochure, but with some
clarification) are as follows.  Payment must be in French currency.

1. Bank check (also called foreign draft in the US) or postal check
made payable to Agent Comptable de l'INRIA.

2. Bank transfer.
Beneficiary: Agent Comptable de l'INRIA
Bank Name: Tresorierie Generale des Yvelines
Bank Address: Versailles
Bank Code: 10071
Branch Code: 78000
Account Number: 00044009 15389
Specify your name and "Conference reference LICS94"
[Note that the account number as stated in the brochure is divided
into bank code, branch code, and account number here.]

3. Postal transfer to CCP Paris---30041-00001-09099 45 B 020-31.

4. Institutional Purchase Order.

[Complete program and registration information is available on the
 world-wide web at
 Postscript, dvi, latex and plain text versions of the conference
 brochure are available via anonymous ftp from research.att.com in
 directory /dist/lics.]