ilps94 call for workshop proposal (text+latex)

               Call For Workshop Proposals - ILPS'94
         Sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming
                    Post-Conference Workshops
Ithaca, New York, USA
November 13 -- 19, 1994

The 1994 International Logic Programming Symposium will be held 
November 13-19, 1994, in Ithaca, New York, USA. Up to six post-conference 
workshops are planned for November 18-19.  Researchers from all areas of 
logic programming are invited to submit proposals.

To encourage active participation and exchange of ideas, the workshops will 
be kept small, preferably under 40 participants. The format of the workshop 
will be determined by the organizer(s) proposing the workshop, but ample 
time must be allowed for general discussion. Workshops can vary in length, 
but the optimal duration will be half a day or a full day.  Having two or 
three co-organizers for a workshop is strongly advised.  Workshops are 
particularly appropriate for specialized subcommunities of researchers for
whom a larger workshop or conference is not yet justified.

Proposals for workshops should be about two pages in length, and 
should contain:

o   A description of the workshop, identifying specific technical 
    issues that will be addressed.
o   A discussion of the timeliness and relevance of the workshop. 
o   The name, postal address, phone and fax numbers, and email
    address of the workshop organizer(s) and identification of the 
    principal contact person. 
o   A proposed schedule for organizing the workshop, a preliminary 
    agenda, and the indication of the length of the workshop.

Proposals should be submitted no later than May 16, 1994. Organizers will 
be notified no later than June 16, 1994.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for:

o   Producing a "Call for Participation" in the workshop and posting it 
    via various electronic lists and/or other means.
o   Reviewing requests to participate in the workshop and selecting 
o   Scheduling workshop activities.

Please submit proposals and inquiries (hardcopy or e-mail) to:

Howard Blair
School of Computer and Information Science
Syracuse University
Syracuse, New York 13244-4100
Phone: 315-443-3565
FAX: 315-443-1122
E-mail: blair@top.cis.syr.edu