Papers available by Public ftp

Dear readers,

Firstly, apologies to those of you who get both the relevant logic
mailing list and the linear logic mailing list --- you'll get two
copies of this note.

Secondly, to all interested in work in substructural logics, I bring
to your attention a collection of my preprints in the area.  These
are available by public ftp from 


in the directory


The directory contains a file README with short descriptions of the 
works in the directory.  They include papers on substructural logics,
the philosophy of logic, and other areas of interest to relevant/linear
logicians.  I invite you to ftp over to take a look.  (The files can
be quite large.  They are compressed postscript files, and these can
be big.  If you have any problems downloading them, email me, and I
will see to getting a hardcopy to you.)

I would very much appreciate your comments if you download/read anything.

Greg Restall

Automated Reasoning Project
Australian National University
Canberra, 0200, Australia