summer school on partial evaluation

                         PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT
                        A one-week intensive course
                        Carnegie Mellon University
                       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
                     Tuesday-Saturday, July 5-9, 1994
         Charles Consel        Olivier Danvy           Peter Lee
       consel@cse.ogi.edu    danvy@daimi.aau.dk     petel@cs.cmu.edu

Partial evaluation is an automatic program transformation technique that
specializes programs with respect to partial knowledge of their input.
Although simple in concept, partial evaluation has some rather surprising
applications and far-reaching implications for automatic program
transformation.  In particular, many problems can be shown to be
``specializations'' of a more general problem.  Partial evaluation has been
used in many areas such as compiler generation, scientific computing,
computer graphics, and pattern matching.

This summer school, to be held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, aims at introducing the principles, techniques, and
applications of partial evaluation.  This presentation will be done in the
context of Consel's partial evaluator for procedural programs, called
Schism.  Students will get hands-on experience with the course concepts by
working directly with Schism, studying both its use and its internals.
Also, various applications of partial evaluation will be covered such as
pattern matching and parameterized programming.


The school is targeted to both junior and more senior researchers.  In
addition to the main lectures by Consel and Danvy, there will be selected
lectures by invited speakers.  Our planned lectures will cover all aspects
of partial evaluation, and students will be guided in group implementation
projects based on Schism.

The lecture notes will be based on Consel and Danvy's forthcoming
partial-evaluation book, to be published at The MIT Press.


Charles Consel is on the faculty of the Department of Computing and
Engineering of Oregon Graduate Institute, in Oregon, and at the Computer
Science Department of Rennes University, in France.

Olivier Danvy is on the faculty of the Computer Science Department of
Aarhus University, in Denmark.

Peter Lee is a faculty member of the School of Computer Science of Carnegie
Mellon University, in Pennsylvania.


The registration fee for the course is $350, which includes attendance at
all of the lectures, one set of printed and bound course notes, and daily
breakfast and lunch.  In addition, one group dinner will be provided.
Pending the receipt of external financial support, a limited number of
scholarships may become available, as well as a reduction in the general
registration fee.

Attendance at the school will be strictly limited in order to have a small
and productive course.  We therefore recommend that you apply before May 1,

Two types of local accomodations are available: on-campus dorm rooms,
which are air-conditioned and provide one set of linens ($35 per person
and per night for single occupancy; $25 per person and per night for
double occupancy), and hotel rooms (for $89).  Both are within easy
walking distance of the lecture hall.

For more information contact consel@cse.ogi.edu or danvy@daimi.aau.dk

A complete announcement, including a registration form, will be
distributed by the end of March 1994.

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