a full abstraction result for local variables

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  "Full Abstraction for the Second Order Subset of an Algol-like
   Language (Preliminary Report)"
   by: Kurt Sieber, University Saarbr"ucken

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The search for fully abstract models of block structured languages
with local variables began in the mid 80s.  A series of observational
congruences in [MeyerS88] revealed the shortcomings of existing
models and served as test cases for new ones.  The most recently
developed models in [OHearnT93, Sieber93] could prove all these
test equivalences, but it was not known whether they are fully
abstract.  In this paper we show that (a slight variant of) the model
in [Sieber93] IS fully abstract for the second order subset of an
ALGOL-like language (which subsumes all the test equivalences).  

The general technique for constructing our model is still the same as
in [MeyerS88], namely we use `relationally structured locally
complete partial orders' with `relation preserving locally continuous
functions'.  The particular model differs from the one in
[MeyerS88] by having the `finest possible relation structure', an
idea which we have developed in [Sieber92] for constructing a fully
abstract model for the second order subset of sequential PCF.  The
full abstraction proof also uses some ideas from [Sieber92], but for
its main part we had to develop new techniques in order to cope with
the more complicated (in comparison with PCF) setting of an ALGOL-like

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