Program Annoucement for ASL Annual Meeting

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			 Program Announcement

			University of Florida
			   March 5--8, 1994

All lectures will take place in Little Hall in the room indicated next
to the speaker's name.  There will be a book exhibit in Little 117.
Coffee and refreshments will be provided each day near room 117: on
Saturday morning from 10:40 to 11:20, other mornings from 10:20 to
11:00, and afternoons from 2:20 to 3:00.

			  Saturday, March 5
			   Morning Session:
 Special Sessions in Computer Science/Proof Theory and in Set Theory

 9:30--10:00   113   Natarajan Shankar
                     Proof Search in Intuitionistic and Linear Logic

               121   Menachem Kojman
                     Negations of GCH and Universality Spectrums

10:10--10:40   113   Gopalan Nadathur
                     Some Applications of Proof Theory in Logic Programming

               121   Stevo Todorvcevic
                     Classifying Finite Partitions of X^n

11:20--12:00   113   Douglas Howe
                     Functional Programming Logics Based on Set Theory

               121   Matthew Foreman
                     How Different are aleph_2 and and aleph_1?

			  Afternoon Session

 1:30 - 2:20    109  Lou van den Dries
                     New O-Minimal Expansions of the Field of Reals

 3:00 -  4:45        Contributed Papers (See below)

 5:00 -  6:00   109  Ulam Lecture
                     Laszlo Babai
	             Transparent Proofs and Limits to Approximation
                              Sunday, March 6 
                              Morning Session

 9:30 - 10:20    109  Jean-Yves Girard
                      Geometry of Interaction: A Monist Approach to Logic

11:00 - 11:50    109  Stewart D. Shapiro
                      Logical Consequence: Models and Modality

	                       Afternoon Session

 1:30 -  2:20    109  Robert I. Soare
                      Models of Arithmetic and Upper Bounds for Arithmetic Sets

 3:00 -  4:45         Contributed Papers (See below)

 5:00 -  6:00    109  GOEDEL LECTURE
                      Donald A. Martin
                      L(R): A Survey

			    Monday, March
			   Morning Session

 9:10 -  9:40    113  Maria Luisa Bonet
                      On Finding Hard Tautologies for Frege Systems

                 121  Andreas Blass
                      Some Cardinal Characteristics of the Continuum

 9:50 - 10:20    113  Radha Jagadeesan
                      Games and Linear Logic

                 121  Ernest Schimmerling
                      Inner Models with Woodin Cardinals

11:00 - 11:50    109  Simon Thomas
                      The Cofinality of the Infinite Symmetric Group

                           Afternoon Session

                      Charles Parsons
                      Platonism and Mathematical Intuition in Kurt Goedel's

 3:00 -  4:45         Contributed Papers (see below)

 5:00 -  6:00    109  James Baumgartner
                      New Ultrafilter Problems on omega

                               Tuesday, March 8
                                Morning Session

 9:30 - 10:20    109  Julia Knight
                      Nested Priority Constructions

11:00 - 11:50    109  Harold T. Hodes
                      Introduction and Elimination, in General and in

                               CONTRIBUTED PAPERS

                               Saturday, March 5

 3:00 -  3:20    113   Jiri Witzany
                       Any Behaviour of the Mitchell Ordering of
                       Normal Measures is Possible 

                 121   Stephen Bloch
                       On Parallel Hierarchies and R^i_k

                 125   Jose Iovino
                       The Geometry of Stable Banach Spaces

                 127   Paul J. Corazza
                       Justifying Large Cardinals with the Wisdom of the Ancients

 3:25 -  3:45    113   Sy D. Friedman
                       Embedding Hierarchies and the Fine Structure of K

                 121   Andrzej Wisniewski
                       Some Results on the Reducibility of Questions

                 125   Bakhadyr Khoussainov
                       Monadic Second-Order Theories of Trees and
                        Semi-Regular Algebras 

                 127   Andrzej M. Zarach
                       What is a Proper Class?

 3:50 -  4:10    113   Farid Khafizov
                       AD and Ultrapowers by Some Measures in L(R)

                 121   Dolph Ulrich
                       A Four-Valued Matrix Validating the Nine-Character
                        Implication-Pure Theses

                 125   James Helmreich
                       Ultrahomogeneous Expansions of Ultrahomogeneous Graphs

                 127   Dennis F. Cudia
                       The Thermodynamic Limit

 4:15 -  4:35    113   Zoran Spasojevic
                       (omega_1,omega_1)-gaps under MA(omega_1)

                 121   Gila Sher
                       A New Solution to the Problem of Truth

                 125   Tuna Altinel
                       Simple Groups of Finite Morley Rank Containing
                        a Strongly Embedded Subgroup 

                 127   Dan Willard
                       Self-Verifying Axiom Systems and the
                        Incompleteness Theorem  

                                 Sunday, March 6

 3:00 -  3:20    113   Mitchell Rudominer
                       There are omega Woodin Cardinals With a
                        Measurable Cardinal Above Them 

                 121   Glen Whitney
                       The Limits of Extensionality in Non-Deterministic
                        Models of Recursion

                 125   Adam Lewenberg
                       Elementary Pairs of O-Minimal Structures Without Poles

                 127   Greg Ray
                       Truth in an Intended Model

 3:25 -  3:45    113   Mogan Brown
                       A Characterization of Q_3

                 121   Andre Scedrov
                       Stochastic Interaction and Linear Logic

                 125   Paul Bankston
                       The Model-Theoretic Topology of Compact
                        Hausdorff Spaces

                 127   William Gasarch and Jeffrey Hirst
                       Reverse Mathematics and Recursive Graph Theory

 3:50 -  4:10    113   Herman Jervell
                       A Ramsey Theorem for Trees

                 121   Chrysafis Hartonas
                       Algebraic and Kripke-Style Semantics for
                        Substructural Logics 

                 125   Chris Miller
                       A Conjectured Dichotomy for O-Minimal
                        Expansions of Ordered Groups

                 127   Matthew A. Poage
                       Priority Arguments and Fragments of Arithmetic

 4:15 -  4:35    113   Todd Eisworth
                       Selective Ultrafilters and omega --> (omega)^omega

                 121   Steven M. Kautz and Peter Bro Miltersen
                       Relative to a Random Oracle, NP is Not Small

                 125   Katrin Tent
                       Groups and Infinite Covers

                 127   Andrew Heaton
                       Axiomatic Subrecursion Theory


                                Monday, March 6

 3:00 -  3:20    113   Slawomir Solecki
                       Equivalence Relations and the Theory of Continua

                 121   Ruth Eberle
                       Syntax and Semantics of Diagrams in Natural Deduction

                 125   Andre Nies
                       Undecidable Fragments of Elementary Theories

                 127   Misao Nagayama
                       Recent Results in Substructural Implicational Logics

 3:25 -  3:45    113   Thomas E. Leathrum
                       Completions of Almost Disjoint Families

                 121   Katherine St. John
                       Substructural Logics and the Formal Language
                        of Recursion

                 125   John Thurber
                       Turing Degrees of Boolean Algebras

                 127   Mark McKinzie* and Curtis Tuckey
                       Elementary Properties of Infinite Polynomials

 3:50 -  4:10    113   Claude Laflamme
                       Strong Meager Properties for Filters

                 121   Wilfried Sieg and John Byrnes
                       A Mathematical Explication of Turing's Argument

                 125   Steven Leonhardi
                       A Non-Low_2 R.E. Degree Which Does Not Bound
                        any Slaman Triple

                 127   Boris A. Kushner
                       On Specker Series

 4:15 -  4:35    113   Greg Hjorth
                       A New Borel Hierarchy Theorem

                 121   Vladimir Yakhnis
                       A Simplified Way to Complement Rabin's Tree Automata

                 125   Carl Jockusch, Jr. and Alexandra Shlapentokh
                       Non-Standard Presentations of Q and Z

                 127   Stal Aanderaa
                       A Trachtenbrot Inseparability Theorem for Groups
			   Papers By Title

                       GunWon Lee
                       HOP Model

                       Zhou Xunwei
                       Set Theory in Geometrical Logic
			  Program Committee

			   Steven Buechler
			Manuel Lerman (chair)
			     Dale Miller
			   William Mitchell
			      Gila Sher

1993-94 Annual Meeting, ASL
March 5-8, 1994, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

Airlines:  Both USAir (800-334-8644) and Delta (800-325-2000) fly into
Gainesville Municipal Airport.

Hotel:  A block of rooms has been reserved at the Holiday Inn accross from
the University of Florida campus.  The Holiday Inn has a free shuttle
from the airport, and we have obtained a very favorable rate of $45/night
(single or double), if you mention ASL when you make your reservations
(1-800-HOLIDAY),(1-800-465-4329), or in Florida, (904-376-1661).
These rooms will be held only until Feb. 2, 1994, and will be released to the
general public afterwards.  However, if rooms are still available after that
date, the $45 rate will still be offered to ASL participants.  The recommended
second choice is the Rush Lake Motel (800-523-1996), which is close by taxi
or a 20-25 minute walk from campus.  A block of rooms, which will be held until
March 1, has been reserved there as well, and the room rate - again you
must mention the ASL - is $29 single or $33 double.  If you are not able
to obtain a reservation at one of these two hotels, other possible choices
include the Motel 6 (near I-75 and Archer Rd., 904-373-1604; $23-29), the
Casa Loma (904-372-3654; $24-28), the University Inn (904-371-3811; $25-30),
and the University Centre Hotel (904-371-3333; $55-65).

Transportation from airport:  If you do not stay at the Holiday Inn which has
a free service shuttle, the taxi fare is about $11 to the Rush LKake or
other nearby motels.

Registration fees:  The preregistration fee (for those registering by
mail, e-mail, or phone before Feb. 15) will be $30 for "grownups" and, as
usual, free for students.  On-site registration will be $40 for "grownups".

General tips:  The average daily temperature in Gainesville in March is around
the mid 70s, so lightweight clothing is recommended.  However, a light
sweater or jacket may be needed in the evening.

Restaurants located a short distance from campus include American, Chinese,
Mexican, etc.

A bulletin board will be available at registration if you wish to post
post-doc positions available at your university, suggestions for informal
group discussions during the meeting in an area of logic of particular
interest to you, or...an invitation for a group dinner or a tennis match...