Proof Theory, Complexity, Metamathematics

Kurt Goedel Society      Technische Universitat Wien 
                         Institut fuer Computersprachen

Workshop on

April 5--8, 1994
University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Announcement and Call for Participation

The Kurt Goedel Society in cooperation with the Department of
Computer Languages (Division for Applications of Formal Logic)
will hold a workshop on Proof Theory, Complexity, Metamathematics
at the University of Technology, Vienna on April 5-8, 1994.
The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers
working on the interrelations between proof theory of logical
and mathematical systems on the one hand and computation and
complexity on the other.  Particular fields of interest are
complexity of propositional and first-order logics, theories
and proof systems; proof search procedures; proof theory of
classical and non-classical logics; relation of proof theoretical
systems to computation; generalization of proofs and Kreisel's
Conjecture; metamathematics of first-order theories, in
particular arithmetic and its fragments; bounded arithmetic.
The workshop will consist of three and a half days of one-hour
lectures.  The invited speakers are:

Arnon Avron (Tel Aviv)
Matthias Baaz (Vienna)
  Terms and Generalization of Proofs
Alessandro Berarducci (Pisa)
  Delta_0-Complexity of the Relation y = Pi_(i<=n) F(i) 
Alessandra Carbone (Paris)
Vincent Danos (Paris)
Elmar Eder (Salzburg)
Lavinia Egidi (Torino)
  Efficient Quantifier Elimination in p-adic Fields
Giovanni Faglia (Milano)
  Independence of Feasible Inseparability from Logical Languages
Georg Gottlob (Vienna)
  Trees over NP and Carnap's Modal Logic
Jean-Baptiste Joinet (Paris)
Jan Krajicek (Prague)
  Problems of Complexity Theory in Models of Bounded Arithmetic
Alexander Leitsch (Vienna)
  Skolemization and Function Introduction
Vladimir Orevkov (St. Petersburg)
Soren Riis (Oxford)
  Separating NP and co-NP, Relative to Certain Proof-Systems
Michel Parigot (Paris)
Pavel Pudlak (Prague)
  Complexity of Propositional Calculus and Relations
  to Bounded Arithmetic
Piotr Wojtylak (Katowice)
  Generalization of Proofs in Monadic Languages


Vienna is the capital of Austria, and the former capital
of the Austro-Hungarian empire.  It is also the city where
Kurt Goedel achieved his famous completeness and incompleteness
results, the center of the group of philosophers known
as the Vienna Circle, and the setting of Robert Musil's epic
novel ``The Man without Qualities.''  Vienna is famous for
its imperial grandeur, its baroque palaces and churches,
its museums, and its music scene.  The workshop
will be held at the University of Technology of Vienna, the
former Imperial and Royal Polytechnical Institute, located
just south of the city center.

Fee and Financial Support

The participation fee is ATS 1,000.00.  It will be waived for
students and participants whose organization will not pay the
fee for them.  Pending funding approval by outside sources,
there may be financial support available to selected


If time permits there may also be a small number
of contributed paper presentations.  Slots for contributed papers
will be assigned on a first-come first-serve basis.  Abstracts
of contributions should be sent to the organizers before
March 15, 1994.  There will be a participant's proceedings
volume distributed at the meeting.


A number of rooms have been reserved in hotels within
walking distance from the University of Technology.  Rooms are
priced ATS 750.00-ATS 850.00 (single) per night including
breakfast.  Please note that the week in question is a traditional
tourist season.  Early registration (by late February/early March)
is therefore much appreciated.

For information and registration forms write or email to

Kurt Goedel Society
Technische Universitaet Wien
Institut fuer Computersprachen E185.2
Resselgasse 3/1, A-1040 Wien, Austria
Phone: (+43 1) 588 01 ext 4088 
Fax: (+43 1) 504 1589
email: kgs@logic.tuwien.ac.at

The workshop is supported by
Bundesministerium fuer Wissenschaft und Forschung
Kulturamt der Stadt Wien

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April 5-8, 1994,   University of Technology Vienna
Workshop Registration

I would like to take part in the Workshop on
Proof Theory, Complexity, Metamathematics, to be held
April 5-8, 1994 in Vienna.


Postal address:


Fee and Financial Support
[ ] I submit the participation fee of ATS 1000:

  [ ] by Eurocheque
  [ ] by Postal Money Order
  [ ] by bank transfer to the account of the Kurt-Godel-Gesellschaft
      Acct No. 7.537.332 at
      Oesterreichische Postsparkasse, A-1018 Wien, Austria
  [ ] by credit card: [ ] Visa   [ ] MasterCard/EuroCard
      Card number:
      Expiration date:

[ ] Please waive my fees.  (Please include proof of student
    status or statement of your organization that it will not
    cover the fee).

[ ] Please send information on financial support when available

[ ] Please book me into a hotel near the University.
    I would like a single room [ ] double room [ ]
    (share with:              )
    I will arrive on: April [   ], 1994         
           depart on: April [   ], 1994

[ ] I would like to make my own arrangements.  Please
    send a list of hotels in Vienna.


[ ] I am interested in presenting a paper.  Please consider me
    for a 20-minute slot.  I will send an abstract before
    March 15, 1994