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Research Project 6453 `Types for Proofs and Programs' was held at the
niversity of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

The informal proceedings of this Workshop are ftp-available. It
contains 22 papers from the 35 talks that were presented (by
people from the project and invited speakers.)

The proceedings can be obtained by anonymous ftp from the University of
Nijmegen. They can be found in the directory
and are called
which is a compressed postscript file.
The same directory also contains the table of contents of the
Informal Proceedings, called
which is also a compressed postscript file.

For those not familiar with ftp, 
the following session on your computer should do the job:
ftp ftp.cs.kun.nl
anonymous 		 	(as login) 
[your e-mail address]		(as password)
cd /pub/csi/CompMath/Types
get NijmegenTypes.ps.Z          (or $`get ContNijmegenTypes.ps.Z' to
bye  				 ftp just the table of contents)

Later this year a Formal Proceedings (consisting of a subset of the
papers in the Informal Proceedings, extended with some extra contributions) 
will appear as a Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

For question please contact herman@cs.kun.nl

Herman Geuvers
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
The Netherlands