PAPER: Applications of LL to Computation: An Overview

Here's a term paper which may be useful as an introduction.  Please
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         Applications of Linear Logic to Computation: An Overview


This paper gives an overview of existing applications of Linear Logic
(LL) to issues of computation. After a substantial introduction to LL,
it discusses the implications of LL to functional programming, logic
programming, concurrent and object-oriented programming and also
mentions some other applications of LL as semantics of negation in LP,
non-monotonic issues in AI planning, etc. Although the overview covers
pretty much the state-of-the-art in the area, by necessity many of the
works are only mentioned and referenced, but not discussed in any
considerable detail. The paper does not presuppose any previous
exposition to LL, and it is addressed more to computer scientists
(probably with a theoretical inclination) than to logicians. The paper
contains one hundred references, of which some sixty are about
applications of LL.

Available by anonymous ftp from
ftp.cs.ualberta.ca: pub/oolog/linear.ps.gz, or
theory.doc.ic.ac.uk: theory/forum/igpl/Bulletin/submissions/linear.ps.gz


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Vladimir Alexiev (PhD student)   <vladimir@cs.ualberta.ca> 
615 GSB, Dept. Comp. Sci., Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, AB  T6G 2H1, CANADA