TACS '94: Final program and registration form

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                       PROGRAM AND REGISTRATION

                      International Symposium on
               Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software

                          April 19-22, 1994
                   Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

                             Sponsored by
                      Tohoku University, Sendai

                       in cooperation with the

               Information Processing Society of Japan,
          Japan Society for Software Science and Technology,
                   Association for Symbolic Logic,
           IEEETC on Mathematical Foundations of Computing,
           and Association for Computing Machinery--SIGACT


                      International Symposium on
               Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software
                          April 19-22, 1994
                   Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan
                         SYMPOSIUM CO-CHAIRS
                          Prof. Takayasu Ito
                         (Tohoku University)
                        Prof. Albert R. Meyer
                   (MIT Lab. for Computer Science)
                          PROGRAM CO-CHAIRS
                         Prof. Masami Hagiya
                        (University of Tokyo)
                         Prof. John Mitchell
                        (Stanford University)
                          PROGRAM COMMITTEE
                   Martin Abadi (DEC SRC)           
                   Robert Constable (Cornell U.)
                   Rob van Glabbeck (Stanford U.)   
                   Carl Gunter (U. Penn. and AT&T)
                   Masami Hagiya (U. Tokyo)         
                   Susumu Hayashi (Ryukoku Univ.)
                   Takayasu Ito (Tohoku Univ.)      
                   Paris Kanellakis (Brown Univ.)
                   Jean-Louis Lassez (IBM, Watson)  
                   Albert Meyer (MIT)
                   John Mitchell (Stanford U.)      
                   Atsushi Ohori (Kyoto Univ.)
                   Masahiko Sato (Tohoku U.)        
                   Masako Takahashi (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)

Any inquiry on TACS'94 Program and Registration may be directed to
 [Email] tacs94@ito.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp
 [Fax]   +81 22 267 4404
 [Postal Address]
         Prof. Takayasu Ito, TACS'94 Co-Chair 
         Dept. Computer and Mathematical Sciences
         Graduate School of Information Sciences
         Tohoku Univ. [Aobayama Campus]
         Sendai 980, Japan


                          SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM

                           APRIL 18 MONDAY

 14:00  REGISTRATION at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 20:00
 15:30  TACS Special Open Lecture at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 17:00
        John Mitchell (Stanford U.)
        Type systems and the design of object-oriented languages

 18:00  Reception at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 19:30


                           APRIL 19 TUESDAY

 09:30  Invited Talk 1
	Samson Abramsky
	(Joint work with Radha Jagadeesan and Pasquale Malacaria)
	Full abstraction for PCF
 10:20  Break

                        SESSION 1, 10:40-12:20

 10:40  Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini, Ugo de'Liguoro, Adolfo Piperno
	Fully abstract logical semantics for a parallel and
	nondeterministic lambda-calculus
 11:05  Doug Howe, Scott Stoller
	An operational approach to combining classical set theory and
	functional programming languages
 11:30	Mark P. Jones
	ML typing, explicit polymorphism, and qualified types
 11:55	Jon Riecke, Ramesh Subramanian
	Extensions to type systems can preserve operational equivalence

 12:20  Lunch Break

 13:30  Invited Talk 2
	Paris Kanellakis
	Constraint programming and database query languages
 14:20  Break

                        SESSION 2, 14:40-15:55

 14:40	Alain Hui Bon Hoa
	Intuitionistic resolution for a logic programming language with
	scoping constructs
 15:05	Yves Bertot, Gilles Kahn, Laurent Thery
	Proof by pointing
 15:30	Henri Korver, Jan Springintveld
	A computer-checked verification of Milner's scheduler
 15:55  Break

                        SESSION 3, 16:15-17:30

 16:15	Masahiko Sato
	A purely functional language with encapsulated assignment
 16:40	M. R. K. Krishna Rao
	Simple termination of hierarchical combinations
	of term rewriting systems
 17:05	Yan Mei Tang, Pierre Jouvelot
	Separate abstract interpretation for control-flow analysis
 17:30  Break

                          APRIL 20 WEDNESDAY

 09:30  Invited Talk 3
	Matthias Felleisen
        (Joint work with Robert Cartwright)
	Extensible denotational language specifications
 10:20  Break

                        SESSION 4, 10:40-12:20

 10:40	Hideki Tsuiki
	A normalizing calculus with overloading and subtyping
 11:05	Martin Abadi, Luca Cardelli
	A theory of primitive objects,  Untyped and first-order systems
 11:30	Didier Remy
	Programming objects with ML-ART:
	  An extension to ML with abstract and record types
 11:55	Kung Chen, Martin Odersky
	A type system for a lambda-calculus with assignments

 12:20  Lunch Break

 13:30  Invited Talk 4
	Akinori Yonezawa
	Theory and practice in concurrent object-oriented computing
 14:20  Break

                        SESSION 5, 14:40-15:55

 14:40	Andrea Asperti, Cosimo Laneve
	The family relation in interaction systems
 15:05	Ursula Goltz, Roberto Gorrieri, Arend Rensink
	On syntactic and semantic action refinement
 15:30	Davide Sangiorgi
	Locality and true-concurrency in calculi for mobile processes
 15:55  Break

                        SESSION 6, 16:15-17:30

 16:15	D.J.B. Bosscher 
	Term rewriting properties of SOS axiomatisation
 16:40	Willem Jan Fokkink
	The tyft/tyxt format reduces to tree rules
 17:05	Hans Huttel
	Undecidable equivalences for basic parallel processes
 17:30  Break

 19:00  BANQUET at Sendai Tokyu Hotel till 20:30

                          April 21 THURSDAY

 09:30  Invited Talk 5
	Masako Takahashi
	(joint work by M.Takahashi, Y.Akama, and S.Hirokawa)
	Normal proofs and their grammar,
 10:20  Break

                        SESSION 7, 10:40-12:20

 10:40  Franco Barbanera, Stefano Berardi
	A symmetric lambda calculus for "classical" program extraction
 11:05	Niels Jakob Rehof, Morten Heine Sorensen
	The lambda (sub)Delta-calculus
 11:30	Zena Ariola, Richard Kennaway, Jan Wilhelm Klop, Ronan Sleep
		and Fer-Jan de Vries
	Syntactic definitions of undefined: On defining the undefined 
 11:55	Philippa Gardner
	Discovering needed reductions using type theory

 12:20  Lunch Break

 13:30  Invited Talk 6
	Moshe Vardi
	Nontraditional applications of automata theory
 14:20  Break

                        SESSION 8, 14;40-15:50

 14:40	Kim Ritter Wagner
	Abstract pre-orders
 15:05	Amitavo Islam, Wesley Phoa
	Categorical models of relational databases I:
	  Fibrational formulation, schema integration
 15:30	Max I. Kanovich
	Petri nets, Horn programs, linear logic, and vector games
 15:55  Break

                        SESSION 9, 16:15-17:30

 16:15	Tatsurou Sekiguchi, Akinori Yonezawa
	A complete type inference system for subtyped recursive types
 16:40	Flemming M. Damm
	Subtyping with union types, intersection types, and recursive types
 17:05	Ferruccio Damiani, Paola Giannini
	A decidable intersection type inference system based on relevance

 17:30  Break with Sandwich

 18:15  EVENING SESSION for Demos and Informal Discussions till 19:45

                           APRIL 22 FRIDAY

 09:30  Invited Talk 7
	Zohar Manna
	Temporal verification diagrams
 10:20  Break

                       SESSION 10, 10:40-12:20

 10:40	D. Bolignano, M. Debabi
	A semantic theory for concurrent ML
 11:05	Kohei Honda, Nobuko Yoshida
	Replication in concurrent combinators
 11:30	Adriano Peron  Andrea Maggiolo-Schettini
	Transitions as interrupts: A new semantics for timed statecharts
 11:55	Marcello Bonsangue, Joost N. Kok
	Relating multifunctions and predicate transformers through 
        closure operators

 12:20  Lunch Break till 13:30


 13:30 TACS Special Open Lecture at Aoba Memorial Bldg. till 15:00 
        Albert R. Meyer
        Observing truly concurrent processes

                         GENERAL INFORMATION

TACS'94 will be held on the campus of Tohoku University, Sendai,
Japan. The invited talks and contributed talks will be presented in
the Aoba Memorial Building, Faculty of Engineering located on the Aoba
Hill about 3 km west of downtown Sendai. The conference reception and
banquet will be held at Sendai Tokyu Hotel, located in downtown

Sendai is the largest city in the northern part of the Honshu Island
of Japan, with a population of about 900,000. The city is known in
Japan as the "City of Trees". It is 350 km north from Tokyo and about
2 hours away by the Tohoku Bullet Train (Tohoku Shinkansen). Sendai is
a modern, safe city with a temperate climate blessed by four distinct,
beautiful seasons. At the time of TACS'94 it is expected that cherry
trees are in full bloom.

Conference registration is open to the public. Register and make
reservations by returning the completed form below by email, fax, or
airmail. There will also be on-site registration at:
     Sendai Tokyu Hotel, 14:00-20:00, April 18,
     Aoba Memorial Bldg., Tohoku Univ., 9:00-17:00 on April 19-22.


Conference participants arriving at the new Tokyo International
(Narita) Airport are advised to take the JR Narita Express train from
Narita Airport to Tokyo Station. Then take the Yamabiko super express
train of Tohoku Shinkansen (Tohoku Bullet Train) to Sendai from Tokyo.
The Yamabiko runs almost every 30 min. and takes about 2 hours from
Tokyo to Sendai. Making reservations at Narita Station for the
Yamabiko express is strongly recommended, since it will be the spring
tourist season.

Those arriving at Osaka International Airport can fly to Sendai
Airport, and take Limousine Bus service to Sendai Station. The bus
takes about 45 min. to go from the Airport to Sendai Station. You can
also take the Tokaido Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo Station and
change at Tokyo Station to Tohoku Shinkansen for Sendai.

Note: No flight service is available from Narita Airport to Sendai
Airport, since the train service is superior. There is another train
service from Narita Airport to downtown Tokyo (Ueno) by Skyliner of
the Keisei-Narita Line. At Ueno you can take the Yamabiko super
express of Tohoku Shinkansen to Sendai, but you have to walk more than
5 min. from Keisei-Ueno Station to JR Ueno Station. If you are going
to travel in Japan by JR lines before/after the conference, it will be
convenient and economical to get a JR PASS before your departure.
Contact your travel agent for more information.


Three recommended hotels offer discount rates to TACS'94 participants:
the Sendai Tokyu Hotel, the Sendai Washington Hotel, and the Sendai
Fuji Hotel. They are 1.2 km west of Sendai Station and about 600 Yen
by taxi from the station. The conference reception and banquet will be
held at the Sendai Tokyu Hotel. The other two hotels are located
within 5 min. walk of the Sendai Tokyu Hotel.  Note: A limited number
of less expensive rooms at the university lodging accommodation
(Gonryo Kaikan) are available, although it is located about 1.5 km
north of Sendai Tokyu Hotel. A single room with bath (not including
breakfast) will be about 4,500 Yen. Those who are interested in
staying at Gonryo Kaikan should mail to



The weather in Sendai from the middle of April to the middle of May is
usually delightful--mostly sunny with temperatures ranging from the
low 50s to the high 70s. A light jacket may be needed in the morning
and evening. Rain, if any, would rarely heavy. The middle of April at
Sendai is usually the time that cherry trees are in full bloom.



Registration fees cover attendance in all sessions, a proceedings,
refreshments, the conference reception and banquet, but not the short
excursion to Matsushima area.

The member is available to members of any of the sponsoring or
cooperating organizations. The reduced author rate applies to all
authors of accepted papers. The students rate applies to full time
students. Registrants paying reduced rates have full privileges at the
conference. The companion rate covers the conference reception and
banquet only.

                    Through March 10        From March 11
Non-Member                60,000 Yen           70,000 Yen
Member                    40,000 Yen           50,000 Yen
Author                    30,000 Yen           40,000 Yen
Student                   20,000 Yen           25,000 Yen
Companion                  5,000 Yen           10,000 Yen


Three convenient Western Style hotels offer TACS'94 discount rates.
Rates are per person, per night, and including breakfast, and service
charge, and tax.
				Single Room     Twin Room
 Sendai Tokyu Hotel              12,360 Yen     11,330 Yen
 Sendai Washington Hotel I        8,549 Yen      -------
 Sendai Washington Hotel II       -------        8,446 Yen
 Sendai Fuji Hotel                8,240 Yen      -------

Note: No roommate matching service is available, so twin room
reservations remain the registrant's responsibility.


Please register and reserve hotel rooms by completing the form below
and returning it with payment by email, fax, or airmail.

The form may be sent by email to

Email registrants are encouraged also to send a signed, printed copy
to the address below and will then receive written reconfirmation.

The signed, completed form may also be sent by fax or by airmail to

    TACS'94 Advance Registration
    Sendai Branch, Tokyu Tourist Co.
    Nisseki Tokyu Sendai Bldg. 2F
    1-6-18, Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Japan 980

    (Fax)   022-265-5765
         +81-22-265-5765 (from abroad)

    (Phone) 022-263-3232
	 +81-22-263-3232 (from abroad)
Note: It is recommended for Japanese registrants to fill the *-marked
      items below both in English and in Japanese.

Please Type or Print

*Last (Family) Name:

*First (Given) Name:



*Mailing Address:






Registration Status
 <Non-Member, Member, Author, Student>:

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Hotel Registration

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Number of Single Room(s):

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Check-in Time & Date:

Check-out Time & Date:

Number of Nights:

Special Room or Other Request:

(B) Hotel Deposit of 6,000 Yen x [   ] person(s):

                           TOTAL FEE IN YEN

(A) + (B):

Signature (not needed for email):


Participants are encouraged to pay via Visa card, MasterCard, Amex
card, Diners card or money transfer. Bank checks will be accepted when
credit card or money transfer is not feasible. Personal checks cannot
be accepted.  All payments must be made in Japanese Yen. Indicate
method of payment below:

[ ] Credit Card Type <Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Diners>:

Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Cardholder Name:

Signature (not needed for email):

[  ] Bank Transfer to
      Bank: 77 Bank, Nakakecho Branch
      Account Name:  Tokyu Tourist Co., Sendai Branch
      Account No. 9018221

>From <bankname>:

Date of transfer:

[  ] Bank Check made payable to
      Tokyu Tourist Co., Sendai Branch
enclosed with hard copy of the form above.

Reservations and registration will be confirmed upon receipt of
payment. Refunds will be made upon written request received through
April 5, 1994 by Prof. Takayasu Ito, TACS'94 Co-Chair.


(1) Those who are going to stay in Tokyo before/after the conference
    may be able to reserve rooms in Tokyo, making a copy of hotel
    reservation form and sending it as above. The room rates in Tokyo
    will be about 1.3 times of the room rates of the hotels in Sendai
    (not including breakfast), so that you can indicate as 'Sendai
    Tokyu Hotel'-level, 'Sendai Washington Hotel'-level, or 'Sendai
    Fuji Hotel'-level in your choice.

(2) In the evening of April 22 the post-conference Japanese dinner
    party will be arranged for the participants from abroad. Those who
    are interested in joining this event should mail to
    tacs94@ito.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp or fax to +81-22-267-4404 by April