REMINDER: LICS'94 submission deadline

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                    Ninth Annual IEEE Symposium on
                      LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE
		    July 4-7, 1994, Paris, France

		SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 13, 1993

10 hard copies of a detailed abstract (not a full paper) and 20
additional copies of the cover page should be received by December 13,
1993 by the program chair.  This is a FIRM DEADLINE: late submissions
will not be considered.

Program Chair: Samson Abramsky, Attn: LICS, Department of Computing,
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, 180 Queen's Gate,
London SW7 2BZ, United Kingdom,	sa@doc.ic.ac.uk,
Phone: (010-44) 71-589-5111 ext. 5005, Fax: (010-44) 71-581-8024

The full announcement can be obtained by anonymous ftp from
research.att.com, directory /dist/lics, or by emailing