International Conference on Logic and Algebra

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                         PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT
                           and call for papers

             International Conference on Logic and Algebra
           dedicated to Roberto Magari, on his 60th Birthday
                 Pontignano (Siena), 26--30 April 1994

    Prof. R. Magari will be 60 in 1994. The Department of Mathematics of
the University of Siena is organizing a conference in his honor. The
main topics will be Logic, Universal Algebra and Algebraic Logic.
This conference will also be the 16th Incontro di Logica Matematica
and it will include a general meeting of the members of the AILA.

    You are cordially invited to this meeting.

   DATES AND LOCATION: The conference starts on April 26th (Tuesday) and
ends on April 30th (Saturday). It will take place in the Certosa of
Pontignano, a mediaeval ex-monastery on top of Chianti hills, very
close to Siena.

   PROGRAM: There will be several invited lectures a day; the rest of the
time will be devoted to 30 minutes talks. Among the invited speakers:
S.Artemov (Steklov Math. Inst.), E. De Giorgi (Univ. of Pisa), D. De Jong
(Univ. of Amsterdam), E. Kiss (Eotvos University, Budapest), W. Lawvere
(SUNY-Buffalo), G. Levi (Univ. di Pisa), P. Martin-Lof (Univ. of Stockholm),
R. Mckenzie (U.C. Berkeley), A. Pixley (H. Mudd College, Claremont),
G.C. Rota (MIT) - by title -, R. Wille (TH-Darmstadt) and G. Zappa (Univ. of

   ACCOMODATION: There will be about 30 full board accomodations
on the conference site, to be assigned on a first come first serve basis.
The exact price will appear on the second announcement.
Accommodations in hotels in the center of the city, with efficient
transportation to the conference, will also be arranged;
the prices will range from 40 to 150 US$  per person per night.
More details about the reservations will be given in the second

   PROCEEDINGS: Submitted papers will be referred in the usual way. The
deadline for submission is: January 31st 1994. We expect to publish
the proceedings.

   FEE: The conference fee is expected to range between 100 and 180 US$,
depending on outside financial support.

   FINANCIAL AID: A limited amount of support will be available. Priority
will be given to the partecipants coming from the former Eastern Block
countries and, among them, to those who will contribute with a paper.

   SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: E. Fried (Eotvos University, Budapest), G. Gratzer
(Univ. of Manitoba), E. Casari (Univ. of Florence),
D. Mundici (University of Milano) (co-chair), F. Montagna (University
of Siena) (chair).

   ORGANIZERS: Aldo Ursini, Paolo Agliano', PaoloPagli, Antonella Vannini.


   We are preparing a "tabula gratulatoria", namely a list of
persons who wish to express their commend of the merits of Roberto
Magari by formally engaging themselves to buy (at least one) copy
of the Proceedings. This list will appear at the beginning of the
volume. Whoever wants to join the "tabula gratulatoria" is required
to inform us, by letter (no e-mail please), as soon as possible,
and to state also the number of copies of the Proceedings he/she is
booking. The cost of one copy should not exceed 80 US$.

                    DEADLINE: December 31st 1993.


   Please make this announcement available to your collegues; the address
of the conference are:

MAIL:                   MAGCONF
                        Dipartimento di Matematica
                        Via del Capitano 15
                        53100 SIENA - ITALY

FAX:                    MAGCONF
                        Dipartimento di Matematica

EMAIL:                  magconf@sivax.cineca.it

                                             P. Agliano'   A. Ursini
                                           For the Organizing Committee


                           REPLY FORM

NAME: ________________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS: _____________________________________________







 I intend to partecipate:

 I should like to partecipate:
      (probability:     %)

Please check where appropriate; the second and final announcement will
be sent to those who intend or should like to partecipate.