Bohm Festschrift announcement

Workshop on Theory of Computing

On the occasion of the 70th birthday of Corrado Boehm

Rome, December 3 1993

Dipartimento di Scienze dell'Informazione
Via Salaria 113, Roma, ITALY

10.00 Chairman D.P.Bovet
     Opening by A. Caracciolo di Forino
10.30 M. Nivat "Ravello thirty years later"
11.30 D.Scott "What do people really want
        from a theory of functions?"

12.30-15.00 Lunch Breack

15.00 Chairman G. Ausiello
15.00 J.Y.Girard "Reflections on the Lambda Calculus"
16.00 S.Micali "Computation has short certificates"

17.00 Chairman R.De Nicola

   Presentation of the volume "Lambda Calculi",
North Holland 1993, to Corrado Boehm

Organizing Committee:
G.Ausiello, Dip.D'Informatica e Sistemistica
Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"

D.P.Bovet, Dip.Scienze dell'Informazione
Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"

R.De Nicola, Dip. Scienze dell'Informazione
Univ. Roma "La Sapienza"

M. Venturini Zilli, Dip. Matematica
Univ. L'Aquila

For further informations please contact:
Galleria Regina Margherita, 15
00184 Roma, Italy
Fax +39-6-4881594