Days of Mathematical Logic at W\'egimont Castle,
                december 6th,7th, and 8th  1993.

A three days meeting in Mathematical Logic are set up on december 6th,
7th and 8th december 1993 at W\'egimont Castle . This castle is situated
about fifteen kilometers near from Li\`ege (Belgium).

The programme consists in four basic courses (about 3 hours for each
- F. Honsell (Udine) : Theory and applications of non-well-founded sets.
- R. Kaye (Oxford) : Quantifier complexity and applications to
                     arithmetic and set theory,
- A. Macintyre (Oxford) : Reals with exponentiation and their
                          applications (probable title),
- D. van Dalen (Utrecht) : Intuitionism and constructive mathematics.

A few contributed papers are planned, at the moment :

- O. Chapuis (Paris): D\'ecidabilit\'e et ind\'ecidabilit\'e des
                      th\'eories universelles des groupes r\'esolubles
- F. Koerner (Berlin) : Cofinal indiscernibles and applications to NF.

This meeting is organized by M. Boffa (U.M.H.) and A. P\'etry (I.S.I.L.)
thanks to the support of the Centre National de Recherches de Logique.

It will be possible to have meals and stay in W\'egimont castle.
However the number of rooms is limited.

People who are interested in this meeting are asked to contact

    A. P\'etry, I.S.I.L., 6 quai Gloesener, B 4020, Li\`ege, Belgique;
    email: apetry@vm1.ulg.ac.be ; fax: 32-41-415027 .

A detailed programme and further information will be sent to them.
Because of the limited number of rooms, people who want to stay at the
castle should mention it this as soon as possible.

Some practical information:
 - there is no entrance fee,
 - the price for the complete stay (twin-bedded room, from monday to
   wednesday) amounts to 1900 FB,
 - the price of a meal is 280 FB,
 - it is possible to arrive at the castle on sunday december 5th,
   in the evening.