SLNM 344, corrected ftp-address

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Many thanks, Marc Bezem.

The previous message contained an inaccessible ftp-address.  I am very
sorry to have caused this inconvenience. The fact is, that in the last
few weeks our systems group has installed a new operating system, with
many resultant changes. The message on the new edition was composed
before this change took place. Now one should ftp to


For the sake of completeness I give the corrected message below.
Greetings, A.S. Troelstra.
> _________________________________________
> The volume Metamathematical Investigation of Intuitionistic Arithmetic and
> Analysis, edited by A.S. Troelstra, which appeared in 1973 as volume 344
> of the Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics, has been out of print for
> several years now. Since there is still a small but steady demand, it was
> decided to bring out a corrected edition as a report of the Institute for
> Logic, Language and Information of the University of Amsterdam.
> The edition is not a complete revision, but incorporates only the errata
> which have come to the notice of the editor.
> Also, it is not in any way a fancy typographical production; the original
> typescript served as a basis into which corrections have been inserted by
> hand, or pasted in, or put in a list of corrections and additions at the
> end.
> The cost of a copy of this limited edition will be approximately Dfl. 50.-
> (ca. DM 45.-, or $25.-) plus bank transfer costs when applicable (Dfl. 20,-)
> In order to help us to decide the number of copies to be printed, we
> welcome advance orders, to be sent to: kattie@fwi.uva.nl
> Mode of payment: 
> by bank transfer, international money order or credit card (Amex,
> Eurocard/Mastercard, or Visa)
> (do not pay before you are billed!)
> Time of publication: July  1993
> There is also available for free a complete list of the corrections and
> additions made to the first edition; this enables owners of a copy of the
> original edition to make the corrections in their copies. The list is in
> hardcopy form available as report X-93-04.
> It is also retrievable in electronic form by anonymous ftp to
> mail@fwi.uva.nl, login name: anonymous, password ident.
> The file is in the directory pub/illc/astro as c344.ps.Z; to make this into
> an ordinary postscript file, use the command "uncompress"