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      Martin Hyland and Valeria de Paiva
            University of Cambridge

In this paper we give a brief treatment of a theory of proofs for a
system of Full Intuitionistic Linear Logic. Since Girard and Lafont's
original paper on Intuitionistic Linear Logic it seems to have been
generally assumed that the multiplicative disjunction, {\em par}, does
not make sense outside the context of Classical Linear Logic; in
particular par was thought to present problems for an interpretation
of proofs as functions.  However the connective par does have an
entirely natural interpretation in models which appeared in the second
author's doctoral dissertation, and it is our intention to make good
the claim that full intuitionistic is a significant dialect of linear

The novelty of Full Intuitionistic Linear Logic lies in its treatment
of the interaction between par (which has the same 2-sided
sequent-calculus rules as the Classical Linear Logic par) and the
linear implication (which only satisfies the intuitionistic properties
of an implication).  We take as the main initial problem to be
overcome the observation of Schellinx that cut elimination fails
outright for the intuitive formulation of such a logical system.  Our
response is to develop a term assignment system which gives an
interpretation of proofs as some kind of non-deterministic function
(which appears as a sequence of partial functions evaluated in
parallel). In this way we find a system which {\em does} enjoy cut
elimination. The system is a direct result of an analysis of the
categorical semantics, though we make an effort to present the system
as if it were purely a proof-theoretic construction.

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