OOL paper available by anonymous ftp

I would like to announce the availability via ftp of an extended abstract,
"TOIL:  Imperative object-oriented languages can be type-safe, too"
by Kim Bruce and Robert van Gent, Williams College.

This paper discusses the design of a statically-typed imperative 
object-oriented programming language which is based on a carefully-designed
formal semantics.  The natural (operational) semantics and type-checking
rules for the language are given.  A subject-reduction theorem is proved,
one consequence of which is the provable safety of the type-checking rules.
The design of this language is based on the same principles as TOOPLE,
Bruce's functional object-oriented language, which has been the subject
of several earlier papers (see for instance the POPL '93 proceedings).
In particular, the new language (TOIL - for Typed Object-oriented Imperative
Language) supports classes, objects, methods, hidden instance variables,
subclasses and subtypes.

It can be obtained via anonymous ftp at:
Change to directory, pub/kim
Type: binary
then: get TOILPOPL.dvi

For a description of other papers available in the same directory,
get the README file.

	Kim Bruce

P.S.  I will be on vacation until the end of July, so won't be able to
respond to comments until then.