Conference - Theor. Aspects Computer Software (TACS) 1994

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                      International Symposium on

                Theoretical Aspects of Computer Software
                             (TACS '94)
                          April 19-21, 1994
                   Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan

The TACS conference will focus on theoretical foundations of software
and applications of theory to practice. The conference is concerned
with theoretical foundations of programming and the design, analysis
and implementation of programming languages and systems, including,
but not limited to the following topics: Logic, Proof, Specification
and Semantics of Programs and Languages; Theories and Models of
Concurrent, Parallel, and Distributed Computation; Constructive Logic,
Category Theory, and Type Theory in Computer Science; Theory-Based
Systems for Specifying, Synthesizing, Transforming, Testing, and
Verifying Software.

The scientific program will consist of invited lectures, contributed
talks, demo sessions, and post-conference workshops.  There will be an
evening reception on April 18 and an evening banquet on April 20.  A
Proceedings containing the full papers of the invited and contributed
talks published in then Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer
Science series, will be available at the conference.  Several
post-conference workshops will be held on April 22. Their details will
be announced later.

Invited Speakers:
Samson Abramsky, Imperial College          Matthias Felleisen, Rice University
Paris C. Kanellakis, Brown University      Masako Takahashi, Tokyo Inst. Tech.
Moshe Vardi, IBM Almaden                   Akinori Yonezawa, University of Tokyo


Full papers, in English and not exceeding 8000 words, may be sent
electronically in either postscript or uuencoded dvi format to either
of the program co-chairs (hagiya@is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp or
mitchell@cs.stanford.edu). Paper mail submissions should be directed
to Professor Takayasu Ito at the address below and must contain 7
copies. The first page of each submission should contain an email
address and FAX number of the corresponding author, if available.
Papers must be unpublished and not submitted for publication
elsewhere, including proceedings of other symposia or workshops. For
participation in demo sessions, send a short description of the
content of the proposed demo, including the length of the demo and
computer platform required. It is expected that Sun workstations will
be available. A short 1-2 page description of each demo will appear in
the conference proceedings.

Important Dates:
Submission of Full Paper:    August 15, 1993
Notification of Acceptance:  October 15, 1993
Deadline for Final Text:     December 31, 1993

Conference Co-Chairs:
Takayasu Ito, Tohoku University            Albert R. Meyer, MIT

Program Committee:
Martin Abadi, DEC SRC                      Robert Constable, Cornell University
Rob van Glabbeek, Stanford University      Carl Gunter, Univ. Penn. and AT&T 
Masami Hagiya, Univ. Tokyo  (Co-Chair)     Susumu Hayashi, Ryukoku University
Takayasu Ito, Tohoku  University           Paris Kanellakis, Brown University 
Jean-Louis Lassez, IBM                     Albert Meyer, MIT 
John Mitchell, Stanford  (Co-Chair)        Atsushi Ohori, Oki
Masahiko Sato, Tohoku University           Masako Takahashi, Tokyo Inst. Tech.

The symposium is partly sponsored by Tohoku University with the pending
cooperation of 
    Information Processing Society of Japan, 
    Japan Society for Software Science and Technology,
    IEEE Technical Committee on Mathematical Foundations of Computing, 
    ACM-SIGACT, and the
    Association for Symbolic Logic.

Address for paper mail submission:
    Professor Takayasu Ito
    Dept. Computer and Mathematical Sciences
    Graduate School of Information Sciences
    Tohoku University [Aobayama Campus]
    Sendai 980, Japan

Questions may be directed to the email address tacs94@ito.ecei.tohoku.ac.jp.

Formatted copies of this announcement, in postscript and dvi form, are 
available by anonymous ftp from theory.stanford.edu, files 
pub/jcm/tacs-94.{dvi, ps} .)