CFP: Special Issue of LASC

                          Call for papers
        Lisp and Symbolic Computation Special Issue on 

                   "State in Programming Languages"

Papers are solicited for a special issue of the Journal of Lisp and
Symbolic Computation (LASC) on state in programming languages.

Programming languages have been state-based since their inception.
After a period of relative unpopularity, when research focused on
declarative languages, interest in the treatment of state has been
renewed.  This is not a backlash against declarative programming.
Rather, it is an attempt to find a symbiotic relationship between the
semantic foundations of declarative languages and the pragmatic
handling of state in more conventional languages.  This special issue
is a followup to SIPL '93, the first ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on State in
Programming Languages held in late spring in Copenhagen, Denmark.

It will be edited by Ian A. Mason (Stanford University) and Martin
Odersky (Yale University).  The range of topics includes operational
and denotational models of state, assignment and references, semantics
of object-oriented programming, linear type systems, effect systems,
monads, calculi of state and methods to reason about state.

Submissions are due Dec 21 1993.  Authors should submit a full paper
plus a 1-2 page extended abstract summarizing the main contributions.
Submissions are expected to be of journal quality, and will undergo
the normal review process of LASC.

Submissions should be made in the form of dvi/ps files and sent to:

    iam@sail.stanford.edu (Ian A. Mason, Stanford University)