par symbol in TeX

Once upon a time I wrote some MetaFont to generate an upside down
ampersand for use as Girard's par symbol, and occasionally I get
enquiries about it.  This message is to advise you that I don't
intend to maintain or supply it any more, because there's a whole
font full of interesting symbols, and macros compatible with both the
original Lamport and new Mittelbach-Schoepf font selections.

It is called "stmary" and was written by Alan Jeffery, now at Sussex (England).
You can get it from the International TeX Archive at
	Stuttgart, ftp.uni-stuttgart.de,
	Aston, ftp.tex.ac.uk,
or	SHSU, ftp.shsu.edu,
in a directory with a name like
There are both MF and PK files available.
To use it, do \documentstyle[stmaryrd]
then the par symbol is called \bindnasrepma.

Happy linear-TeXing!

Paul Taylor