Postdoctoral Fellowship

           School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
           University of Sussex

           Visiting Postdoctoral Fellowship in Theoretical
           Computer Science

The School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences contains a strong and
very active research group in Theoretical Computer Science.  Major
areas of research include The Foundations of Distributed Computing,
The Application of Logic to Computer Science, The Semantics of
Programming and Specification Languages, Software Tools for
Verification, Type Systems.

Applications are invited for a one year Visiting Fellowship from
October 1993. Candidates should have recently completed their doctoral
studies and have research interests compatible with those of the
school.  The successful candidate will be expected to carry out a
small amount of tutorial teaching.

Faculty members in Theoretical Computer Science currently include:

 Dr Luca Aceto (theories of concurrency)
 Dr Carolyn Brown (linear logic, category theory, theories of concurrency)  
 Prof Matthew Hennessy (theories of concurrency, specification 
 Dr Alan Jeffrey (theories of concurrency, functional languages, type
 Dr Xinxin Liu (specification languages, logics)  
 Dr Sophie Pinchinat (behavioural equivalences, logics for concurrency)
 Dr Edmund Robinson (category theory, type systems)
 Dr Allen Stoughton (programming language semantics, full abstraction)  

The School receives considerable financial support from the UK funding
agencies such as the Science and Engineering Research Council; it
participates in various European research projects funded by the
European Commission, and maintains close contact with a number of
commercial organisations. It provides a pleasant working environment,
nestling in the South Downs just outside Brighton, with an excellent 
computing and communication infrastructure. 

For more information and application forms, please contact:

Prof. Matthew Hennessy
School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH
Telephone: (0273) 678195
Fax: (0273) 671320
EMail: matthewh@cogs.sussex.ac.uk