Re: Questions on LU and ITT

> I seem to have evermore questions as I learn more about proof theory, linear
> logic and LU.
> 1.  Has a sequent presentation of Martin-Lo"f Intuitionistic Type Theory been
>     published?

My 1990 University of Edinburgh Ph.D. thesis contains, amongst other
things, a sequent calculus for the lambdaPi-calculus, a theory of
first-order dependent function types (just Pi, no Sigma, a fragment of ITT).

This is discussed, as part of a different analysis, in 

``Proof-search in the $\lambda\Pi$-calculus'', by D.J. Pym and L.A. Wallen.
In: Logical Frameworks, Gerard Huet and Gordon Plotkin (editors), 
Cambridge University Press, 1991. 

I have just submitted a paper, ``A Note on the Proof Theory of the 
$\lambda\Pi$-calculus'' to a journal. This paper discusses the 
sequent calculus for lambdaPi and some resolution calculi that 
arise from it. 

I am preparing papers on these sorts of issues for Sigma types and 
also for PTSs. 

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