Announcement of Summer School

    Tempus Summer School for Algebraic and Categorical Methods

                       in Computer Science

                       Second Announcement

                   Brno, June 28 - July 3, 1993

 Sponsored  by the European Community TEMPUS office the organizers

 are pleased to announce an intensive course designed to serve its

 students as a forum for exchange of ideas between the disciplines

 of mathematics and computer science.


 P. J. Freyd (Philadelphia), Cartesian Logic and Cartesian


 Y. Lafont (Paris), Linear Logic

 J. Lambek (Montreal), Categories and Deductive Systems

 C. P. Stirling (Edinburgh), Modal and Temporal Logics for

 G. Winskel (Aarhus), Models and Logic for Concurrent Computation

 Special lecture:

 D. S. Scott (Linz), The Theory of Domains: Origin, Development,


 Lectures  will be  held  starting  Monday  morning, June  28, to
 Saturday noon, July 3; Wednesday afternoon is reserved for social

 activities. Each course will consist of five lectures,one lecture

 per day. There will be a reception for participants on the evening

 of Sunday, June 27th. An afternoon-excursion will be organized,

 followed by a conference dinner.


 Conference  fee is 220 DM, (tuition 100 DM, accomodation 120 DM).

 Price includes  accomodation  in double  bedrooms, breakfast  and

 lunch. The tuition fees can be supported by the organizers for a

 limited number of participants. Please apply!


 Please  send name,  address (including e-mail, if  available) and

 gender to the organizing office by May 20, 1993.Please indicate

 if you  plan to bring a guest or indicate the name of participant

 with whom you wish to share accommodation.

 Organizing Committee:

 Jiri Rosicky

 Anna Sekaninova

 Jan Slovak


                              TEMPUS SUMMER SCHOOL

                              Department of Algebra and Geometry

                              Masaryk University

                              Janackovo nam. 2a

                              662 95  BRNO

                              The Czech Republic

                              e-mail: tempus@queen.math.muni.cs

                              fax: 42-5-74 55 10

                              (later 42-5-41 21 03 37)

                              phone: 42-5-74 56 66