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[Since it is clearly relevant, I am distributing this conference
announcement to types.  General conference announcements should go to
the Theory-A list.  -- Philip Wadler, moderator, Types Forum.]

		      Advance Program -- SIPL93
	ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on State in Programming Languages
			    June 12, 1993
			 Copenhagen, Denmark
		 (in conjunction with FPCA and PEPM)


Since the conference building will not open until 8.30 on Saturday,
registration for SIPL will start at 8.30 instead of 8.00, as was
previously announced. Of course, participants can also register when
they register for FPCA.

8.30 - 9.30 Registration

8.30 - 9.30: Tutorial -- Matthias Felleisen (Rice University) 
and Paul Hudak (Yale University): 
``Expressing and Reasoning about State''

9.30 - 10.45 -- Reasoning about Imperative Programs 
Chairman: Ian Mason

Jonathan Eifrig, Scott Smith, Valery Trifonov, Amy Zwarico (Johns
Hopkins University):
``A Simple Interpretation of OOP in a Language with State''

Amr Sabry (Rice University), John Field (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center):
``Reasoning About Explicit and Implicit Representations of State''

Andrew Pitts, Ian Stark (University of Cambridge):
``On the Observable Properties of Higher Order Functions that
Dynamically Create Local Names''

11.15 - 12.30 -- State and Functional Programming
Chairman: Martin Odersky

John Launchbury (Glasgow University):
``Lazy Imperative Programming''

Jonathan C. Springer, Samuel N. Kamin (University of Illinois at 
``Strictness Analysis in the Imperative Lambda Calculus''

J.G. Morrisett (Carnegie Mellon University):
``First-Class Stores''

2.00 - 2.30: Tutorial -- Bob Tennent (University of Edinburgh):
``Semantics of Algol-Like Languages''

2.30 - 3.45 -- State in Algol
Chairman: Torben Mogensen

Kurt Sieber (Universitat des Saarlandes): ``A New Approach to the Full
Abstraction Problem for Local Variables''

Arthur Lent (MIT):
``The Category of Functors from State Shapes to Bottomless CPOs is
Adequate for Block Structure''

Uday S. Reddy (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign): 
``Global State Considered Unnecessary: Semantics of Interference-free
Imperative Programming''

4.15 - 5.30 -- Work in Progress 
Chairman: Phil Wadler

Short talks given by participants and discussions.


General and program chair: Paul Hudak, state-workshop@cs.yale.edu

Program commitee: Matthias Felleisen, Rice University
		  Paul Hudak, Yale University
		  Ian Mason, Stanford University
		  Torben Mogensen, University of Copenhagen
		  Martin Odersky, Yale University
		  Uday Reddy, University of Illinois
		  Robert Tennent, University of Edinburgh
		  Philip Wadler, University of Glasgow

Registration: cf. the ACM FPCA/SIPL/PEPM leaflet and electronic

NOTE: Early registration for FPCA and PEPM ends May 7th.