a paper on objects for anonymous ftp

"Baby Modula-3 and a theory of objects" is available by anonymous 
ftp.  Instructions follow.  This is not the first paper on object 
types, and probably not the last one; but I hope some of you will 
find it worth reading. 

The abstract goes: 

  Baby Modula-3 is a small, functional, object-oriented programming 
  language.  It is intended as a vehicle for explaining the core 
  of Modula-3, from a biased perspective: Baby Modula-3 includes 
  the main features of Modula-3 related to objects, but not much 
  else.  To the theoretician, Baby Modula-3 provides a tractable, 
  concrete example of an object-oriented language, and we use it 
  to study the formal semantics of objects. 

  Baby Modula-3 is defined with a structured operational semantics 
  and with a set of static type rules. A denotational semantics guarantees 
  the soundness of this definition.

Martin Abadi


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