Completeness results for linear logic on petri nets

We would like to announce the following new results:

Uffe~Henrik Engberg and Glynn Winskel.

Completeness results for linear logic on petri nets.

Submitted to MFCS'93, Gda{\'{n}}sk, Poland, August 30 - September 3,
  1993. Full version will appear as DAIMI PB, January 1993.


Completeness is shown for several versions of Girard's linear logic with
  respect to Petri nets as the class of models. The strongest logic considered
  is intuitionistic linear logic, with $\otimes$,
  $\vphantom{\oplus}\raisebox{-1.15pt}{\rm\&}$, $\oplus$ and the exponential
  ${!}$ (``of course''), and forms of second-order quantification. This logic
  is shown sound and complete with respect to {\em atomic nets} (these include
  nets in which every transition leads to a nonempty multiset of places). The
  logic is remarkably expressive, enabling descriptions of the kinds of
  properties one might wish to show of nets; in particular, negative
  properties, asserting the impossibility of an assertion, can also be

A dvi or postscript version of the paper can be obtained by anonymous ftp from
daimi.aau.dk in the directory pub/Linear-Logic. In the same dircetory there is
a dvi and a postscript version of the CAAP'90 paper:

Uffe~Henrik Engberg and Glynn Winskel.

Petri Nets as Models of Linear Logic.

In {\em CAAP' 90, Coll.\ on Trees in Algebra and Programming
  (Copenhagen)}, pages 147--161. Springer-Verlag ({\it LNCS\/} 431), 1990.


The chief purpose of this paper is to appraise the feasibility of Girard's
linear logic as a specification language for parallel processes.  To this end
we propose an interpretation of linear logic in Petri nets, with respect to
which we investigate the expressive power of the logic.

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