CFP -- Workshop on State in Programming Languages (SIPL)

The SIPL workshop has been moved to Copenhagen; first, to avoid a
conflict with LICS, second to take advantage of the gap between FPCA
and PEPM (PEPM has also been moved to Kopenhagen).

An updated call for papers follows.

                           Call for Papers

            Workshop on STATE in Programming Languages (SIPL)

                            June 12, 1993
                         Copenhagen, Denmark
                Held in conjunction with FPCA and PEPM

This workshop will address the fundamental issues of expressing,
manipulating, and reasoning about state in high-level programming
languages.  The range of topics includes operational and denotational
models of state, assignment and references, semantics of object-
oriented programming, linear type systems, effect systems, monads,
calculi of state and methods to reason about state. 
Formal presentations of results, research in progress, tutorials, and
topical discussions are among the possible venues for interaction.

Program Committee:

  Matthias Felleisen, Rice University
  Paul Hudak, Yale University (Chair)
  Ian Mason, Stanford University
  Martin Odersky, Yale University
  Uday Reddy, University of Illinois
  Robert Tennent, University of Edinburgh
  Philip Wadler, University of Glasgow

Authors should submit 8 copies of a detailed summary (10 pages
maximum) to the program chair by March 15, 1993.  Authors will be
notified of acceptance of their paper by May 1st, 1993. Final versions
of accepted papers are due on May 21, 1993.  Accepted papers will
appear in a technical report to be distributed at the workshop.

Correspondence should be sent to:

	Prof. Paul Hudak
	State Workshop '93
	Department of Computer Science
	Yale University
	51 Prospect Street
	New Haven, CT 06520-2158, 

E-mail: state-workshop@cs.yale.edu