Types forum

Albert Meyer, the previous moderator of the Types Forum, had
a long-standing policy of not forwarding conference announcements
of a general nature, referring these to the Theory-A list instead.
After some experience, I've concluded that this is a good policy,
and modified the policy document accordingly.  Please see the
penultimate paragraph below.
	-- Philip Wadler, Moderator, Types Forum


TYPES is a moderated email forum focusing on Type Theory in Computer
Science, with a broad view of the subject encompassing semantical,
categorical, operational, and proof theoretical topics.  Typical topics

	Typed, untyped, polymorphic lambda calculus; type checking,
	inference, and reconstruction; dependent types, calculus of
	constructions, linear logic; adequate and fully abstract
	models; Curry-Howard correspondence; recursive types; domain
	theory; category and topos theory; term reduction: strong
	normalization, confluence; abstract data types.

Comments and criticisms of results in the literature, open problems,
and research queries, are encouraged.  Announcements of meetings and
publications, and abstracts of papers, are also welcome.

Conference announcements of a general nature should not be sent to the
Types Forum.  A good place for these to appear is Theory-A, the
TheoryNet world-wide events list.  Send announcements or request to
subscribe to THEORY-A@VM1.NoDak.EDU.

The moderator of the Types Forum is Philip Wadler.  Send submissions